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77' Beetle conversion

1996 Solectria E-10

1980 Electric Leopard

1998 Solectria Force

1980 Jet Electravan

Ford Probe Conversion

Updated 22SEP2012

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This is our Feature EV for 2012 -
We Didn't have to design or build this car
A big thanks to GM and Taylor Chevrolet Lancaster!
2012 Chevrolet Volt for your review

The Volt is so over the top - Fast, Comfortable, Efficient
Feel 20 years younger driving it - It's also a Guy's car.  
Go weeks without using gas - Drive thousands of miles on a tank of gas
Check out this cool website -
The Volt above is 2012-12775 Check it out.
Checkout the
Owners Map & see Chevy Volts all across the USA

This Volt has over 1,800 miles and has not yet visited a gas station.

LANCASTEROH.COM - EV's Hybrids, Etc.

Battery Electric Vehicles and more

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No Gas-
No Problem with these cars!

They will never need gasoline - 

Most of the above vehicles have been EV's all their life! 

Never using even one drop of gas - Ever!

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Low cost Passive solar project

Missouri Wind and Solar

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