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A dash display example of "Hypermiling" in a 2001 Toyota Prius

This over 44 mile drive included slow speed back country road driving in Perry County and rural highway at speeds back to Lancaster at up to 50 MPH. 

Average fuel mileage 71.8 MPG

The country road driving featured careful use of the accelerator since the terrain was very hilly.  The electric motor was used extensively.  It seems getting this kind of mileage would be nearly impossible without hybrid technology. 

Using the electric motor too much can cause a temporary reduction in fuel mileage since the engine insists on recharging the batteries when the batteries reach a certain level as indicated on the display (50%).  Battery power is also recovered quickly by using the brakes and even while coasting.  

Drive was October 30,  2005 Purpose- View fall scenery 

More info to follow -  Page updated 07/17/2007

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