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2013 FEB2013


2 Volts - Winter in Ohio Feb 12 2013 Canal Winchester, OH 
ODO  7,500 Miles


12/26/2012 Joe's Chevy Volt  - First winter snowstorm drive
Note- Snow on hood - Engine did not run again today - December fuel average 429 MPG

Some Stats: 5669 Total miles on the Volt
December 2012 (12/27/2012) 867miles driven. Gallons burned 2.02 = 429mpg

Visiting the family Labor Day 2012  Another gas free day - Just Plug it in!
This Volt now has over 1, 000 miles on the ODO.  
It's been 3 Weeks since new which is 333 miles per week.

The Volt still 1/2 tank of gas as delivered from Chevy Dealer.  
Probably won't be purchasing gas for this ride anytime soon.

August 2012

Brand new Volt sitting next to family Prius.  It's been a few weeks that I've been driving the Volt exclusively.
Was asked to take the Prius to the gas station (go figure) & was really surprised how small the Prius felt.
There is such a difference between the two cars.  The Volt is so powerful, A really nice cruising car.
Recently I had an EV mode switch added to the Prius, but what a joke as compared to the Volt. 
The Prius needs to start the engine all the time, Prius EV mode is barely a taste of an EV.

Toyota should have a lot to worry about with the Volt.  

This being our second Prius,  The Volt runs circles around the Prius.  There is just no comparison.  

When in hybrid mode, the Volt behaves much more like a hybrid should-
Short engine burst and then back to EV (Stealth) Mode.


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