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J P Success, Inc Aquarium Store News Archive

December Orders to Date
Posted 12/21/2017

  New orders both Freshwater & Marine Bi-weekly in December.
Planning Saltwater & Freshwater orders between Christmas & New Years.  We will be open on Christmas Eve & New Years' Eve.

See the reports:

December Saltwater:
2017 12 11 Retail Price
2017 12 26 Planned

December Freshwater:
2017 12 14 Retail Price Report.pdf
2017 12 21 Retail Price Report.pdf
2017 12 26 Planned

December Dry Goods:
We took advantage of what tanks & stands that were on promotion in December including Bow Front setups.  We've put full setup & combo discount discount packages together offering 10% off our already discounted prices on everything you purchase when buying your new aquarium setup. See store for details.

This offer is a new store fixture available from now on.


EOM November California Marine Fish & Coral Order
Posted 11/28/2017

  2x size order this week.  We had a nice order plugged in last week but held off until this week to push the order through. We reviewed our current stock list and added a few items and found most everything from last week still available so we have it all on the way just in time for the weekend.  Several items on this order that we've been waiting on.

Look for regular store order updates to return to this site!

We wil begin to update including adding new product and features soon.

See the full report:
2017 11 30 Retail Price Report.pdf

Special September Coral Order
Posted 09/20/2017


  Coral order from our best coral vendor this week. We normally travel for a hand picked order but instead put in a smaller, shipped order that we are planning to repeat on a bi-weekly schedule until all our coral systems are fully stocked.  We hope to begin stocking 3 frag tanks with the next order.  Check out the full report and pics.

See the full report:
2017 09 20 Retail Price Report.pdf

September California Marine and Tropical Fish Orders
Posted 09/20/2017

Weekly orders all month long!
  Weekly California Marine and Tropical fish orders each week in September.  Stop by & see everything.
Labor Day Store Hours, Recent Store Pictures, & Store News
Posted 09/04/2017

Labor Day Weekend California Marine & Tropical Fish
Posted 09/04/2017
J P Success, Inc.
Aquarium Store

Labor day Store Hours:
Monday, Sept 04 2017

12PM to 5PM

Have a Safe & Good
Holiday Weekend


  Nice Marine order Thursday Afternoon & Tropical fish restock this week.

We ordered 12 new Peacock Cichlids and moved most of our existing stock to the warehouse.  No stock report this week but plenty of interesting fish on this order.

California Marine order this week includes extra quantities of our most popular fish and more.  Also this week we received a box of large branch live rock.  We now have both large and small branch live rock.  More live rock in September. 

No Marine stock report for this order - Stop in and see what we have in stock! 

Most all front showroom & warehouse tanks are populated each week.

August California Marine & Tropical Fish Orders to Date
Posted 08/18/2017

  Three California Marine orders so far this month. Also - Two Tropical Fish orders including one Florida Tropical Fish & Plant order Thursday, August 17.

Stop in to see it all!  Below are the reports we have on file. Although our Freshwater orders do not have generated reports we are getting in full restocks of our Community fish and Cichlids.

See the full report:
2017 08 17 Tropical & Plant <No Report>
2017 08 15 Marine Retail Price Report.pdf
2017 08 10 Tropical <No Report>
2017 08 08 Marine <No Report>

 California Specialty Coral Order & Coral System Refresh 
Posted 08/04/2017


During August we will focus considerable effort to stockup the new coral systems in both the front store and warehouse. 

Coral holding systems are being reorganized to display corals for sale by price. 

Our coral systems are operated with the latest equipment and we are focusing effort to make sure the systems are in top operational condition. 

Later this year further improvements will be incorporated incuding auto top off and adding dosing to specific sytems allowing better housing of Acros and other stony corals.



Early August California Marine Order
Posted 08/02/2017
    See the Full Report:
2017 08 02 Retail Price Report.pdf

Tropical Fish Friday Now Thursday
Posted 08/02/2017
Tropical Fish Received Thursday, August 03   New delivery schedule beginning this week.

See the Full Report:
2017 08 03 Retail Price Report.pdf

EOM July Full Restock Tropical Fish Order
Posted 07/28/2017
    Freshwater fish order Friday Evening

See the Full Report:
2017 07 28 Retail Price Report.pdf

EOM July Full Restock California Marine Order
Posted 07/24/2017
 Marine order received Wednesday, July 26   Full marine department restock this week.  From the list: Nice large Bubble and Long Tentacle Color Anemone, Royal Gramma, Copperband Butterfly, Bangai Cardinal, Green Chromis. Crab: Red Hairy Hermit, Red Leg Hermit.  Neon Velvet Damsel, Ruby Red Dragonette, Aiptasia Eating Filefish, Metallic Foxface. Goby: Diamond, Firefish, Twinspot, Yellow Watchman, Yellow Rose, Mandarin Green. Shrimp: Cleaner, Pistol Candy Stripe. Snail:Cat Eye Margarita Turbo, Nassarius.  Tang: Blue Hippo, Sailfin, Sailfin Desjardinii. Six Line Wrasse. Feather Duster Red/Pink. Corals: Star Polyp Metallic & Button Polyp Color.

Other Highlights: 100 Lbs Tukani Live rock, Tigger Pods - Live Copepods.  We've upped the qty's on many line items.  Stop in over the weekend and see all the new arrivals!
See the Full Report:
2017 07 26 California Marine Retail Price Report.pdf

July Tropical & Marine Orders
Posted 07/24/2017
    Plenty of fish orders received during July.  Busy schedules didn't allow website updates but things are getting back to normal...

Weekly freshwater and Saltwater orders during July expected to continue. Stop by the store or call to get the latest info on our orders.

Recent Orders:
2017 07 21 Tropical Fish Order
2017 07 12 California Marine Order
Florida Tropical Fish, Marine, Corals, & Tropical Plants
Posted 06/23/2017
Tropical and Marine Fish, Corals, and Live Tropical Plants arriving Friday, June 23   Picking up a full SUV load containg 11 boxes of Tropical, Marine Fish, Corals, and Live Tropical Plants Friday, June 23.
We will be unpacking all these live products this afternoon.

Details to follow... 

California Marine Order Wednesday June 21
Posted 06/23/2017
California Marine Order Received Wednesday, June 21   Nice California Marine order received Wednesday, June 21.  Order highlights include: Angel:Coral Beauty, Eibli. Royal Gramma, Blenny: Lawnmower, Scooter, Starry.  Copperband Butterfly. Cardinal: Bangai, Pajama. Chromis Black-Gold, Green. Crab: Emerald, Red Hairy. Damsel:Neon Velvet, Springeri. Ruby Red Dragonette. Goby: Diamond, Firefish, Twinspot, Watchman. Mandarin: Green, Yellow. Strawberry Pseudochromis. Cleaner Shrimp, Snail: Nassarius, Star, Tiger Conch.  Tang: Blue (Hippo) Yellow.  Trigger: Clown, Niger, Undulate.  Wrasse Leopard Female. Bicolor Parrotfish. Blue Spot Puffer.

See the full report:
2017 06 21 Retail Price Report.pdf

June Tropical Fish Order, Summer Tank Special and Clowns
Posted 06/23/2017
5 skids of aquariums at our speical prices June 09

Tropical Fish Friday Received June 16

Clownfish Project Announced

Our largest aquarium order ever!  5 skids of aquariums and supplies completing a vendor promotion that helps keep our prices low.  With this purchase we now are stocking most every size aquarium from 10 gallon to 150 gallon.  We've added Octagon and more cube tanks to the matrix.  We also have 37, 38, and 40XH.
We've been stocking bow front tanks & stands all sizes. 
See the full report below.

Other News:  Tropical Fish and Marine order received Friday, June 16.  No full report availabe but some really nice fish on this order.

Clownfish project announced on our Facebook page with video.
We've been working on raising Clownfish for a year now.  Many of our customers have seen the progress from the early stages & we're now expanding the project into it's final stage. 

We are setting up one of our warehouse tank holding systems to feature our tank raised Ocellaris and Snowflake Clowns, Our Tomato Clownfish, and other Specialty Clownfish that we purchase from other sources.  Our Clownfish will soon be sold to wholesale accounts for nationwide distribution.  We are taking steps to sell our Clownfish to regional customers via e-commerce. Once we perfect this process, we will be able to ship other fish and corals outside our normal market area. 

We have pairs of Picasso and B/W Clownfish with a goal of 11 mated pairs of egg laying Clownfish by EOY.  Raising clownfish consumes considerable time and resources but we hope this project will be an important part of the business plan.

2017 06 09 Aquarium Retail Price Report.pdf

First June California Marine Fish and Tropical Fish Friday's
Posted 06/07/2017
    See the full report:
2017 06 07 Retail Price Report.pdf

Tropical Fish Wednesday & Marine Fish Friday
Posted 05/26/2017
    Nice Tropical & Marine fish order Wednesday but the saltwater systems were still a little bare...

So we put a nice big California marine order together Thursday afternoon for a Friday, May 26 arrival in time for the Memorial Day holiday weekend.

Plenty of fish to fill our systems for the weekend.  Also included on this order are more Feather Dusters, Plant Rock, Metallic Star Polyp, and lots of cleanup crew.

We hope everyone has a good Memorial Day weekend. 
Thanks to those who have served our country.

Store hours for Memorial Day:
12:00PM to ~ 6:00PM Monday, May  29.

See the full report:
2017 05 26 California Marine.pdf
207 05 24 Tropical Report.pdf N/A

Tropical & Marine Fish Friday
Posted 05/20/2017

JPS Coral System

JPS Coral System

Coral Frags

Coral Frags

Coral Frags

SPS, LPS, Zoa Polyp Frags

Florida Ricorida

  Tropical and Marine fish order Friday, May 19.
Here's some of  what we ordered:



Store pics taken Saturday, May 20 2017
   JPS Tank Raised Clowns            Specialty Clownfish & Starfish
                    Firefish Goby                 X-Lrg Green Chromis (Africa)


Tropical Fish Friday
Posted 05/12/2017
    Really nice order this week over 59 line items on this order.

See the full report:
2017 05 12 Retail Price Report.pdf

Early May California Marine Order
Posted 05/10/2017
    California marine order received Wednesday morning.

Plenty of cleanup crew, showfish, Wrasses, Gobies, Blennies, and much more.  37 line items & over 300 livestock items.

Store News:
Store work for May include warehouse combined 12 cell mid size fish holding system.  New system cycling begins this weekend.

Our largest aquarium purchase scheduled for late May include many tank sizes for store stock including new items & sale prices.

Coral holding system work continues including restock, pricing, and possibly filling the final 4 coral tanks late this month.

Big EOM roll out of our big Clownfish project to the public.  Also plans include a specialty Clownfish order when funds permit.

See the full report:

2017 05 10 Retail Price Report.pdf

May 2017 California Marine Order
Posted 05/03/2017
    Our first May Marine order.  Tropical fish due in Friday.

See the full report:
2017 05 03 Retail Price Report.pdf

EOM April California Marine Fish Order
Posted 04/26/2017
    Nice Full store Restock this week.

Tropical Fish order due in Friday, April 28

Here's the report:
2017 04 26 Retail Price Report.pdf

California Marine Order, Wednesday Corals, Tropical, and Plants
Posted 04/12/2017
    Details to follow:  California Marine Fish, Tropical Plants, and two Coral orders Wednesday, April 19.

Mid April California Marine Order
Posted 04/12/2017
    Nice California Marine order received.  Highlights include: Abalone Racer:Fuzzy Tiger, Angel:Bicolor, Coral Beauty. Royal Gramma, Blenny Lawnmower, Scooter, Starry.  Copperband Butterfly,  Green Chromis, Damsel:3 Stripe, Springeri, Talbot, Yellowtail Blue.  Pseudochromis Diadema, Foxface, Goby: Diamond (3), Engineer, Firefish, Firefish Purple, Engineer, Rainfordi, Tiger (Wardi), Twinspot, Yellow Watchman, Yellow Clown, Yellow Mandarin.  Hawk: Arc Eye, Geometric Pygmy. Starfish: Chocolate Chip, Red Fromia.  Tang: Hippo (Blue), Sailfin.  Urchin Royal, Wrasse: Christmas, Leopard Female, McCoskeri Flasher Male, Red Pygmy Possum, Six Line.  Cleanup: Hermit Blue Leg, Snail: Astrea, Cerith, Margarita, Mexican Turbo, Nassarius, Tiger Sand Conch.

See the full report:
2017 04 12 Retail Price Report.pdf

Early April Friday Tropical Fish Order
Posted 04/12/2017
    Late post but nice Tropical fish order from last week.

See details below.  We have another Tropical fish order due in Friday, April 14.  Details later in the week.

Stop in & check out the store, plenty of work underway especially in the warehouse coral section.  We're cycling 5 new coral systems. 

We have the last batch of 4 coral tanks up next for final plumbing and fill.  After that, we have our 12 cell stacker setup that we plan to reconfigure and setup later this spring. Plenty of work to make the room look nice, but we plan to stuff the tanks with nice corals very soon!

See the full report:
2017 04 07 Retail Price Report.pdf

Early April California Marine Order
Posted 04/05/2017
New Order Arrived Tuesday, April 4   Our first April California Marine order arrived Tuesday afternoon.

See the full report.

2017 04 04 Retail Price Report.pdf

EOM March 2X Friday Tropical Fish Order
Posted 04/01/2017
Tropical fish order received
Friday, March 31
  Details to follow:  One of our largest tropical fish order from this vendor including some of the most desirable plecos in the hobby.

Will update price report and pics later Saturday afternoon.

Plenty of store work planned for April including bringing up all the coral systems in the Coral Cove Warehouse, Restocking Tank & Stand showroom and add full setups to our offerings.  Other notable projects include new stocked coral frag systems containing very desirable corals priced just right.

EOM March California Marine Order
Posted 03/29/2017

California Marine order Received 03/29/2017

Tropical Fish Order due in Friday, March 31

Plenty of large tanks, stands, setups, & Bow front tanks and stands in stock all at our everyday best prices

  Full store marine fish restock this week.  Highlights include: Angel Bicolor & coral Beauty, Ropyal Gramma, Blenny: Bicolor, Golden Tiger, Lawnmower, Tailspot, &  Ruby Red Dragonette.  Butterfly:L Copperband & Yellow Longnose.  Orbic (Pajama Cardinal fish.  Clownfish Snowflake Phantom TR (2), Chromis Black & Gold, Green.  Damsel: Kupang, Springer's, Four Striped.  Goby: Bluestripe Neon TR, Diamond, Firefish, Rainfordi, Twinspot (Signal), Yellow Watchman.  Hawk: Arc Eye & Falco.  Pseudochromis: Purple Stripe Dottyback, Strawberry (Purple).  Valentine Puffer, Foxface, Tang: Blue (Hippo), Naso, Sailfin. Wrasse: Carpenter Flasher, Leopard Female, Six Line.  Hermit Crab: Blue Leg, Red Leg, Emerald (Lower Price $7.99ea Qty discount available) Abalone Racer:Fuzzy Tiger.  Shrimp: Cleaner, Peppermint, Astrea, Cerith, Margarita, Mexican, Nassarius.

Three new
Trigger Systems Refugium being installed in our Coral Cove Warehouse this week.  This work will bring up nine new coral holding tanks!  If all goes well, We will be overhauling our existing coral holding systems and populating all warehouse coral systems by April 15. 

We have our own tank raised Snowflake and Ocellarius Clownfish and our own tank raised Tomato Clownfish on display and for sale.  Working toward our next hand picked coral order soon and preping the Coral Cove Warehouse for the spring season.

New Pond Fish have arrived. We will be upgrading our pond holding tank system later this week.  Expect new pond fish to arrive weekly.

See the full report:
2017 03 29 Retail Price Report.pdf   

Truckload Tropical (Freshwater), Plant, And Coral Order
Posted 03/22/2017
    Large Tropical Fish Order,  Plenty of Aquarum Plants and Two full boxes of corals, Anemone, and Mushrooms

See the full report.  Coral report to follow

2017 03 22 Retail Price Report Tropcical.pdf
2017 03 22 Retail Price Report Corals.pdf

First Springtime California Marine Order
Posted 03/22/2017
Marine order now unpacked
Wednesday, March 22

See the full report below.

2017 03 22 Retail Price Report Marine.pdf

Impressive Tropical Fish Order
Posted 03/18/2017

Our Peacock Cichlid Sys



Royal Pleco Qty 1
  Plenty of unusual fish this week.  For as many years as we've been ordering fish it seems we added many more new line items than usual.  Examples: Botia Angelicus, Botia Queen Dario, Botia Tiger.  Microsynodontis Batesi Catfish, Several unusual Cichlids (See report), Different Leaf fish, Golden Zebra and Yellowfish Fangi Loach, Mexican Blue Mini Lobster, Long Snouted Pipefish, Red Neon Blue Eye Rainbow.
Many other fish included.

Really big overall order with 80 line items adding to a very well stocked store.  Stop by this weekend and check out our selection!

New store camera - Better pictures for your viewing pleasure!

Large tanks and stands availble with our good pricing.

See the full report
2017 03 17 Retail Price Report.pdf

Polypterus Teugelsi seldom available in stores or the Internet

Mid March California Marine Order
Posted 03/15/2017
California Marine order received Wednesday, March 15   Nice California Marine restock this week.

Plenty of other store work & news underway including a big RO system upgrade this week!  Plenty of water from our brand new 200 Gallon per day system. 

New refugiums in store and for sale by Trigger systems. 
New Protein skimmers by Reef Octopus.  we are working with several vendors to bring our best prices on these premium products.

See the full report:
2017 03 15 Retail Price Report.pdf

Mid March California Marine & Florida Tropical Coral Order
Posted 03/08/2017

New coral Frags

New California Order 03/08/17
New Tropical & Corals

  California Marine order received Wednesday, March 09.

Nice Tropical fish and Coral order from our new Florida vendor.

Future Orders:
03/08/2017  More Large tanks this week
03/16/2017  Hand Picked Coral Order Planned
Store News:
New Trigger Systems Refugium and Reef Octopus Skimmer upgrades to our Acro systems and new warehouse Coral system.

Spring prep warehouse system work underway...

Order Details:
2017 03 08 Marine Retail Price Report.pdf
2017 03 08 Tropical and Coral Retail Price Report.pdf

Triple Play Orders - California Marine, Tropical, and Tank Setups
Posted 03/03/2017
    Nice California Marine order this week. Highlights include Angel: Bicolor and Coral Beauty, Royal Gramma, Bicolor Psuedochromis.  Blenny: Black, Canary Yellow Fiji, Lawnmower, Starry.  Copperband Butterfly, Cardinal: Bangai, Orbic. Green Chromis, Damsel: 4 Stripe, Orange Honey, Springeri, Blue Yellowtail.  Goby: Diamond, Engineer, Firefish Yellow Watchman. Arc Eye Hawk, Mandarin Goby: Yellow & Green. Valentini Puffer.  Snail: Ninja Star, Astrea, Margarita, Mexican Turbo, Nassarius, Nerite.  Starfish: Tile Red/Pink & White Sand. Wrasse: McCoskeri Male, Fairy Ruby Finned Female, Six LIne.  Corals: Button Polyp Color.

Tropical Fresh Water order details to follow.  See report below.  Plenty of select fish to top off our well stocked systems.

Our largest tank & stand order this week. We purchased all the bow front sizes from 16 gal to 72 gallon including 72 Reef Ready Bow tank.  First time ever for the bow front tanks in the store.  Also, we ordered a 180 gallon Reef ready tank with a Red Oak Monterey Stand. Further details to follow this afternoon.

2017 03 02 Marine Report.pdf
2017 03 03 Dry Goods Report.pdf
2017 03 03 Tropical Fish Report.pdf

Another February California Marine Order
Posted 02/22/2017
    Over 50 line items this week!  Last minute Live Rock add on featuring 50 lbs each of Tukani & Totoka.  Plenty of order highlights including: Angel: Bicolor & Eibl's, Harlequin Bass, Royal Gramma.  Blenny: Lawnmower, Orange Spot, Tailspot.  Butterfly: Yellow Longnose, Copperband.  Bangai Cardinal, Mocha Ocellaris Clownfish, Snowflake Eel, Aiptasia Eating Filefish. Goby Bar, Firefish (6), Purple, Scissortail, Twinspot, Yellow Clown, Yellow (Target) Mandarin, Yellow Watchman. Foxface. Tang: Blue (Hippo) Convict, Powder Blue.  Trigger Humu Humu. Wrasse: Leopard, ruby Finned Fairy, Six LIne, Yellow Coris.  Crab: Hermit Blue Leg, Emerald, Green Leg, Corals: Ricordea Mushroom Green, Button Polyp Color. Others include: Abalone Racer Fuzzy Tiger. Shrimp: Peppermint, Cleaner.  Snail: Astrea, Cerith, Margarita, Mexican, Spider Conch, Tiger Sand Conch (6), Wite Sand Star.

Store news:
1) Planning a hand picked coral order for sometime next week.
2) Bringing back up 2 of our coral systems in warehouse due to warm weather pattern with upgraded Refugium.
3) Planning new upgraded refugiums in front Marine Showroom to all Reef Ready systems in the near future.
4) Work will begin in early March to setup 12 tank combined system to house large Cichlid stockup and other bulk fish and oddball fish purchases.

We appreciate your continued support & look forward to further expanding our livestock and equipment offerings during 2017.

See the Full Report:

Mid Week Airport Tropical Fish Order
Posted 02/22/2017
    Another Truckload fish order this week.  Although a little smaller than our last truckload, combined with our California Marine order due in same day we expect to bring back a full truckload of Tropical and Marine fish.

We worked with our sales rep and pumped up the order adding several line items of Cichlids and other Tropical fish to bring in the best they have to offer!

We will be looking at the final invoice Wednesday afternoon & update the site.  Plenty of unpacking nice Cichlids, Tropical Fish, Live Plants, and Oddballs.

See the full Report:

Mid February California Marine Order
Posted 02/14/2017
    Nice Marine restock order.  Highlights include Anemone stockup:Bubble Color M (4) Anemone Long Tentacle Color M (3) Angel Bicolor, Royal Gramma, Lawnmower Blenny, Bangai Cardinal, Crab:Anemone, Emerald Hermit Blue Leg.  Springeri Damsel (18), Goby Diamond, Firefish, Firefish Purple, Blue Gudgeon, Twinspot (Signal), Yellow Watchman, Mandarin Yellow & Green.  Falco Hawk, Pleudochromis Purple Stripe, Puffer Valentini, Shrimp: Cleaner, Fire.  Snail:Astrea, Cerith, Nassarius, Nerite.  Tang: Hippo SM, Sailfin M, Wrasse:Melarus Male, Six Line(7).

More orders due in later this week: Tropical Fish & Dry goods.  Stop by and check out the new arrivals. 

Check out our own tank raised Snowflake, Ocellarius, and Tomato Clownfish. We've been raising these Clownfish for over 6 months now and have plenty available for sale that we've moved into our coral systems.  These Clownfish are hosting with Anemone and Euphyllia especially at night.  From time to time we will be uploading video to our Facebook page.

See the full report:
2015 02 15 Retail Price Report.pdf

Tropical Fish Friday - Both Stores Stockup Order
Posted 02/11/2017
    Full store stockup including new tanks in both front showroom and warehouse.  Over 87 line items.  Order highlights include:
Plenty of Tropical Plants, Lobster: Snow White, Electric Blue Crawfish.  Pleco Bristlenose. Shrimp Cherry Red, Snail: Assassin, tiger Nerite. African Butterfly, Ropefish, Knife: Black African, Glass, Black Ghost.  Cichlids: Red Lifalili Jewel, Tilapia Buttikofferi, Several others including Peacock, Goldfish in warehouse include: Assorted Oranda, Red & White Lionhead Ranchu, Pearlscale, Red & Black Oranda, Red Fantail, Black Moor, Calico Fantail, Calico Lionhead.  Green Tiger Barb, Plenty of Tetras, Fancy Guppies, Plecos, Mollies, Swordtails, Corys, Betta, and so much more.

If we move enough fish this weekend we are planning another new vendor order next week, more Saltwater fish and some large tanks 180 gallon drilled & non drilled.

We have Reef Ready tanks 90 & 125 in stock.  Non drilled 75, 90, 120, and 125 gallons in stock. Stands for tanks in stock. All tanks and stands are priced.

Weather is trending warmer - May be time to fill more warehouse tanks! Expansion room for Corals, Marine Fish, Cichlids, Oddballs, Large fish, and more.  Planning Warehouse Storefront.

See the full report for all the details.
2017 02 11 Retail PriceReport.pdf

Mid February California Marine Fish Order
Posted 02/08/2017
  We skipped a week last week to place our truckload fish order with a sprinkle of special corals so this week we ordered plenty of marine fish line items to catch up.

Plenty of all the favorites on this order and still more fish due in on Friday.  Check back or stop in the store to see what came in.

Plenty of large tanks and stands in stock with more planned for Friday, Feb 18 & 25th.

Finally, We've kept the information somewhat close but we now are stocking our own tank raised Reg, Snowflake Ocellarius and Tomato Clownfish tank raised from egg on site.  Purchase a pair of our Snowflakes or chose your Ocellarius Clownfish - We've put countless hours and have a fair investment into the project. We're pleased to report that we are introducing marketable clownfish weekly into our Coral systems. Stop in and visit our Coral Warehouse & see how they are adapting socially to the larger tank environment. Stay tuned - Details and video to follow later on our Facebook page.

See the full report:
2017 02 08 Retail Price Report.pdf

Truckload Tropical, Marine Fish, Plants, and Corals
Posted 02/01/2017
Truckload Tropical and Marine fish Tropical Plants and coral order Received
Thursday, Feb 02 2017
All livestock unloaded and prices - Nice Order
  Something for everyone- 12 boxes of tropical and marine fish and corals arriving at Columbus Airport for the store Thursday afternoon.  This is the second order from one of our new vendors and one of our largest fish order to date.

Retail Price Report:
2017 02 02 Tropical Marine and Coral Report.pdf

Triple Play Orders: California Marine, Tropical Fish, & Supplies
Posted 01/19/2017
California Marine Order

Tropical Fish Order

Equipment Order

Rod's Food Restock
  We ordered everything on our wish list for this week's California Marine order!  New Angelfish, Maxi-Mini Anemone Ultra, Bangai Cardinal, Plenty of Chromis & Damselfish, Cleanup crew, Tukani Live rock, Metallic Foxface, Goby:Diamond, Firefish, Rainfordi, Twinspot.  Other items include:Tang:Convict & Scopas, Humu Humu Trigger, Ruby Red Dragonette, Clove Polyp Frags

Nice seasonal items and special items such as Red/Pink Tile Starfish, Flame Scallop, and one Blue Berry Gorgonian for placement in the store show tank.  Order due in Thursday afternoon.  It's been a good year for our shipments & we are really stocking the store and warehouse.  Stop by this weekend & see all our inventory.

Several new tanks in our freshwater department with new LED lighting due in Friday for both the front showroom and the warehouse freshwater systems.  We're putting together a nice freshwater fish order for this week, plenty of cichlids and community fish- Top quality all at our best everyday prices!

Finally, We're stocking up on our large tanks, stands, and equipment.  We already have a brand new125 Gallon tank, a couple of new 75 gallon tanks in stock.  We're adding 90 gallon tanks both non drilled and reef ready this week at our best prices.  Next week we plan to add 125 gallon reef ready tanks, restock for any sold tanks & stands and possibly bring in 120, 150, and 180 tanks non drilled and reef ready with stands.  We're building our aquarium setup showroom with the best possible selection and best everyday prices with 100 miles.

See the Reports:
2017 01 19 Marine Report.pdf
2017 01 18 Dry goods.pdf (TBA)
2017 01 20 Tropical Order.pdf (TBA)

California Marine Thursday Full Marine Restock and more
Posted 01/11/2017

Red/Pink Tile Starfish
Powder Brown Surgeon Tang
Maxima Ultra XL
Red Fromia Starfish
Yellow Tang & Flame Angel
Big Saltwater - Marine, and Coral stockup this week.  Over 50 fish, 250 Snails, Corals, and live food on this order.  Plenty of staples on this order including Royal Gramma, Scooter Blenny, Ocellaris Clown T.R., Goby: Firefish & Purple.  Order features include: Tailspot Blenny, Foxface (3) Tiger Jawfish, Starfish:Brittle Tiger (3), Tile Red/Pink, Hippo Tang SM, Powder Brown Surgeon Tang.  Cleanup crew: Cleaner Shrimp, Snail: Astrea, Bumble Bee, Cerith, Mexican Turbo, Nassarius, Star.  Corals includ Rainbow & Combo(3), Goniopora Metallic.  Other featured items include coco Worm colored(3).

We took advantage of a special opportunity from our tropical vendor to bring in their Flame Angels and 3 very nice Xlarge Maxima Ultra Grade 5"+ Clams, Green Chromis, Anemone Shrimp, and Red Fromia Starfish!

Plenty of qty purchases on popular line items.  All our store systems are in good working order, Healthy and desirable fish nicely priced.  Nice coral selection under our upgraded lighting.  All our Acros and other corals are doing very well.  Improvements continue in our hidden coral warehouse as we continue to stock up the systems with new and store propagated corals.

Remember us when you are thinking about that new fish tank large, small, Reef Ready, and your aquarium furniture.  We are beginning to stock the large tanks and stands and we can have your new system ready for immediate pickup or delivery.

Work continues to build up the store to attract customers from near and far - Competetive or better selection than big city stores, better prices, good advice, and friendly customer service.
2017 hidden coral warehouse goals include bringing up our new Acro systems (ready) bring on line remaining 7 coral holding systems, New marine fish holding system containing 18 nicely sized marine fish holding tanks, Specialty Tropical fish warehouse stocking, Full line Reef lighting and sump equipment, Large aquarium showroom and stockup of large tanks and furniture.

See the full report:
2017 01 12 Retail Price Report.pdf

Tropical Fish Wednesday Full Tropical Restock and more
Posted 01/11/2017

Balloon Belly Salfin Molly

Mexicanus Mini Crayfish

Mexicanus Mini Crayfish

Peacock Cichlids
  Huge tropical fish order featuring over 45 line items and at least 235 new fish!  Highlights include Polypterus Senegalus Bichir Albino, Yoyo Loach, Catfish: Asst Cory, Glass, Otocinclus.  African Peacock Cichlids, Mexicanus Mini Crayfish (seldom on list), Hand picked Discus, Goldfish: Fantail Red & Calico, Ryunkin Red& White, Sakura, and Calico.  Gourami, Guppy, Killifish Orange Rice (New), Hillstream Butterfly Loach, Molly: Balloon Asst, Lyretail, Sailfin Assorted.  Coral Red Platy, Dwarf Indian Puffer, Rainbow Millenium, Rasbora: Brigittae, Galaxy, Heter.  Plenty of nerite and mystery snails.  Swordtail Koi Sanke, Neon Tetra.  Several nice saltwater line items on this order will be mentioned on post above.

See the full report:

2017 01 11 Retail Price Report.pdf

2017 Tank Raised Angels, Discus and Tropical Fish Orders
Posted 01/06/2017
    Hand Picked tank raised small Angelfish order received Wednesday evening.  100 small angels assorted colors -  Medium Angels too.  Finally, Small, Medium, and Large tank raised Discus now in stock.

Jan 06 - Friday evening tropical fish order on the way...

Final 2016 California Marine and Coral Orders
Posted 12/28/2016

Hand picked coral order 4x larger than ever before!  Plenty of everything including Acro frags, (6) Show size combo rocks, Nice Hammer coral frags and show pieces, Star Polyp, Several Grade A Zoa, Gonipora, Kryptonite Trumpet Coral, Premium Pick Mushroom Rock, Gorgonian, Rock Anemone, LPS Frags (16), Grade A Zoa Frags (4), All showroom lights are now LED.  Coral systems fully stocked with new pieces and coral warehouse is well stocked - Check our Facebook page for video footage.

Mid December California Marine Order
Posted 12/21/2016
New California Marine Order pickup Wednesday, Afternoon Dec 21  
New California marine order pickup Wednesday afternoon.

See report:

2016 12 21 Retail Price Report.pdf

Early December California Marine Order
Posted 12/09/2016
    Cold temps has finally arrived to the area.  The latest California marine order was received just before the temperature drops and we've cranked up the heaters a bit for the new arrivals.  Plenty of new fish on this order with 40 lines and 178+ individual items on this order.

Highlights include: Angels: Bicolor, Flame, Lamarck Female. Basslet:Royal Gramma, Swalesi. Blenny: Smith's White, Tailspot. Butterfly:Copperband (2), Yellow Longnose.  Cardinal:Bangai & Pajama.  Ruby Red Dragonette, Foxface.  Goby: Rainfordi, Randall's Prawn, Twinspot, Yellow Rose. Plenty of Snails, Hermit Crabs, Chromis, and Damsels. Tang: Clown (2) Convict, Sailfin, Vlamingi.  Pink Urchin, Wrasse: Melanarus Male, Sixline. Live Foods:Arcti-Pods, Phyto-Feast, Tigger Pods.  Also, TLF C-Balance restock.

Nice fully stocked systems for the weekend.  Plenty of system work underway, larger protein skimmers, heater system upgrades, and more.  Store staffing and projects will be increasing with additional coral and marine fish systems being brought on line as weather permits. 

See the full report:
2016 12 08 Retail Price Report

EOM November California Marine Order
Posted 11/29/2016
Order Received Tuesday, Nov 29   Large Marine order early this week to close the month.

Plenty of store work going on including new 180 Gallon Marine Show tank in warehouse.  Upgrades to systems underway during December & winter prep work.  Fully stocked systems & coral order soon.

Stop by and see all the new arrivals!

Retail Price Report:
2016 11 29 Retail Price Report

California Order With Large Show Fish, Corals & Clams
Posted 11/18/2016
Order received Friday, Nov 18   See Report - Details to follow.  Several Show fish, Corals, & Clams.  Plenty of other fish on this order including some unusual fish: Jawfish, etc.

2016 11 18 Retail Price Report.pdf

California Coral & Fish Order
Posted 11/09/2016
    One of our largest Coral/Marine California order placed Tuesday afternoon and due in Thursday, Nov 10.  Hand picked Coral highlights include: Montipora Danae (2), Water Tree Coral, Acropora Fancy (5), Mushroom Green Rock (6), Mushroom Giant Cup (3) Gorgonia Tree Orange (2) Gorgonia Red, Elegance Coral, Pagoda Cup Frag (4).  WYSIWYG hand picked Fungia, Scolymia, Krupuck Leather, Goniopora Jewel.

Marine fish include: Tang: Powder Brown, Yellow Sm(4) Foxface, Blenny: Lawnmower, Smith Copperband Butterfly, Wrasse Fairy Asst Female (4) Snail Conch Tiger. Others: Neon Velvet Damsel, Cleaner Shrimp XL (4) Mini Maxi Carpet Anemone.

November store news and projects:  New Acro/coral systems (2) up and running in the warehouse with corals.

Warehouse 75 Gal & up tanks and stand showroom taking shape now.

Large tank store inventory stock up during November & December providing in stock tank and stand availabilty of most popular sizes up to 180 gallon including large reef ready tanks all priced right every day.

Front showroom work includes replacement of our acrylic freshwater system with 20 gallon tanks (6), 30 gallon tanks (2). New tanks will house most of our egg laying tropical fish and Cory Catfish, etc.

Finally, we are allocating freed up space for more specialty Cichlids due in during Nov-Dec.
See the full report:
2016 11 09 TBA

October Tropical & California Marine Orders
Posted 11/09/2016
    A couple of late October fish orders went unpublished:

California Marine order received 10/25 & Tropical Fish order 10/28.

We will continue to publish our fish and coral orders just before delivery day when possible.  There may be weeks that we update our site at the end of week showing orders already received.

We do not currently announce our dry goods products, but we do carry a full line of tanks, stands, reef lighting, etc.  As we make progress we will post some special tank orders related to our aqurium setup showroom.

See the full reports:
2016 10 25 Marine Order.pdf
2016 10 27 Tropical Order.pdf

Thursday California Marine & Tropical Fish Friday Orders
Posted 10/22/2016
    California marine order with plenty of show fish arrived Thursday, Oct 20.  Highlights include:Tang: Hippo(2), Clown (2), Orange Shoulder, Sailfin, Scopas, Yellow Eye (Kole).  Other show fish include: Flame Angel, Copperband Butterfly (2), Foxface, Foxface Metallic (Sp Order).  Other highlights include Anemone Bubble Rose (2), Goby:Diamond, Purple Firefish, Scissortail, Twinspot, Yellow Watchman, Yellow Clown. Wrasse:Christmas, Yellow Coris, Fairy Ruby Finned Female, Leopard Female, Melanarus Male, Six Line.  Finally, Plenty of Hermit Crabs, Snails, Feather Dusters, Pistol Shrimp.  Corals include Button Polyp Color.

Tropical fish order arrived Friday, Oct 21.  Highlights include: Hand picked Aulonocara Peacock (12) Gourami:Flame, Powder Blue Male.  Fancy Guppys including some in the warehouse system, Molly:Balloon Belly Lyretail, Balloon Belly Sailfin, Lyretail Blk, Clown Pleco, Pleco Florida, Sharks:Bala, Iridescent, Red tail.  Ghost Shrimp, Swordtail Koi Santa Claus, Lyretail.  Tetra:Fire Green, Blue, Neon Large, Rummynose, Von Rio Orange. and more!  Marine highlights include Yellow Tang S (6)

Several of the fish above are in our warehouse systems.  Stop in and see the warehouse Sunday 12-5PM.

This week's store news:

Work over the weekend includes new showroom aquarium system setup, prep for more Cichlid space and special Cichlid order.  We're adding 180 gallons (8 new tanks) to our community tank system in the front showroom to bring our community fish together & reduce tank crowding and provide a healthier environment for our livestock offerings.  Warehouse work accomplishments include 2 new coral systems up and running. New systems will be salted, heated, and reef lighting added.  Plumbing is complete on rest of coral systems & gluing and sump setup is next.  Winter prep work in warehouse will be a high priority for the next week.

See the full reports:
2016 10 20 Marine Retail Price Report.pdf
2016 10 21 Tropical Retail Price Report.pdf
New California Marine Full Store Restock & Tropical Fish
Posted 10/14/2016


Flame Angel

Copperband Butterfly

Angel, Goby, & Cardinal

Powder Brown Surgeon

Neon Tetra x25
  Our largest California order ever.  Full store restock this week.  Highlights include: Angel: Bicolor, Coral Beauty, & Flame Blenny: Lawnmower, Tailspot. Copperband Butterfly, Bangaii Banner Cardinal, Green Chromis, Clam Maxima Ultra Grade 6" (2), Snowflake Clown Phantom, Crab Anemone, Emerald, & Hermit.  Neon Velvet and Staghorn Yellow Damsel, Snowflake Eel, Goby: Firefish, Purple, Green & Red Mandarin, Scissortail, Twinspot.  Coral Hogfish, Mangrove Plant. Shrimp Cleaner, Peppermint, & Fire. Snail: Mexican Turbo & Star. Tang: Sailfin, Yellow, Hippo. Wrasse: Leopard Female, Yellow Coris, Melanarus Male, & Six Line.  Foods include Arcti-Pods & Tigger Pods. 

Plenty of store space for all these new arrivals.  Warehouse is now staffed and open each Sunday.  Also marine received this week from our other vendor include Powder Brown Surgeon Tang (3) Large Hippo Tang, and Atlantic Neon Goby(3).

Tropical fish order this week includes nice store freshwater top off including the following: African Butterfly, Garra Rufa Algae Eater, Glass Catfish, Purple Passion Danio, Tire Track Eel, Moscow Blue & Green Guppy, Black Ghost Knife, Balloon Belly Lyretail Molly, Sailfin Molly, Rasbora Pork Chop, Snail: Mystery, Neritina Tiger & Zebra.  Neon Tetra Large (25).

Work continues in the warehouse including final plumbing work on our 9 new coral tanks. Reef lighting is waiting for plumbing work. Finally Sump setup, return pump, filling, & stocking systems.  This will be our largest integrated store system ever. 

New coral systems have two frag tanks separated for Acros & other SPS corals providing a total of 3 dedicated SPS systems between both sales areas.  Warehouse tropical systems are now lit and stocked with freshwater fish.  We will begin selectively stocking these systems with some of our best and unusual offerings.  Lots of work left to do over the winter with weekly improvements over the next several months.

Three projects left including setting up new large format tank & stand setups in our new Mystery Cove showroom.  Once our new coral systems are up and running we will begin to setup our new marine holding systems in our Hidden Cove showroom.  Finally, we will build at least 9 small format ciclid show tanks into a seperating wall between both showrooms and decorate.

Thinking about an aquarium 75 - 265 gallons?  Let us give you a price.  We've been moving a lot of large tanks.  Best prices, Delivery, Setup, and maintenance available.

See the full reports:
2016 10 11 Marine Report.pdf
2016 10 12 Tropical Report.pdf
October Tropical Fish Orders X2, California Marine
Posted 10/08/2016
Current Store News:
Working on new marine order to be placed Sunday, Oct 09 for Tues - Thursday Oct 11-13

New Warehouse coral system work continues.

Both Warehouse and showroom open Sunday Oct 09

Showroom Tropical fish system overhaul soon.

Aquariums on sale this month.  Plenty of good deals during October.  Order your big tank now!

Mid Oct coral trip plan 
Store Acros doing well!

We have Discus & Angels
  Tropical fish order received Friday, Oct 8.  Plenty of nice tropical fish that we stocked into our well cycled warehouse fish systems.
Highlights include:Tiger Albino Barbs, Yoyo Loach, Asst Corys, Glass Catfish, Oscars, Fancy Guppies, Molly:Gold Panda Lyretail, Balloon Belly Sailfin, Balloon Butterfly, Asst Lyretail, Chocalate Sailfin & Black. Pleco Florida, Rainbow Neon Dwarf, Swordtail: Red Velvet Tux, Marigold Wag, Tetra Von Rio Orange.  (6) Peacock Cichlids. Tropical Plants:Amazon Sword. Marine:  Ocellaris Clown T.R.

Received Sept 30 but not posted tropical fish order containing plenty of community fish.

Received Sept 29 Nice Marine order containing plenty of Anemone, Angels, Large Copperband Butterfly, Bangai Cardinal, Green Chromis, Cleaner Clam, Foxface, Goby:Diamond, Firefish, Firefish Purple, Twinspot, Yellow Clown.  Shrimp: Cleaner, Peppermint, Fire.  Snails.  Tang: Clown, Sailfin, (3) Yellow.  Wrasse: Melanarus, Six Line Fairy Sunset Female.   Plenty of live foods.

We have a new vendor allowing us to continue to offer our customers the best and latest products on the market.  We will be looking at what this vendor can provide but we now carry Rod's Food, LRS Foods, and Chemi Pure Blue.  We will continue stocking and making available cutting edge equipment and supplies for our customers.

2016 10 08 Retail Price Report (Part).pdf
2016 09 30 Retail Price Report.pdf
2016 09 29 Retail Price Report.pdf
California Marine, Discus Large and Small, Angelfish
Posted 09/28/2016
New California Marine fish, Discus, and Sm Angelfish
in stock now
  Califoria Marine order received Tuesday, Sept 27.  Tank Raised Discus Large and Small & Sm Angelfish order received Monday, Sept 26.

Details and pics to follow
Tropical Fish, Specialty Clown, & Hand Picked Coral Orders
Posted 09/20/2016

Acro Wild

Acro Wild

Bubble Pearl Indo

Hand Picked Trachyphyllia

Monti Cap W Green Polyp

Elephant Ear Mushroom

Neon Green Mushroom

Zoa A Grade Mixed

Gorgonian Purple Eunice
  Three very important store orders for the middle of the week.  Large Tropical fish order due in Wednesday providing store systems with a full restock in our community fish systems.  Order highlights include Barbs, Catfish, Danio, Feeders, Gourami, Guppy, Knife, Molly, Rainbow, Nano fish, Shark, Shrimp, Swordtail, and Tetra.  Also due in are Live Blackworms.  Marine highlights include Green Chromis, Damsel, Trochus Snail, Totoka Live Rock, and Live Phytoplankton.

Due in Thursday, Sept 22 one of our most ambitous specialty orders to date.  Big first order of designer clownfish. Check out these fish:
Ocellaris Mocha Classic, Ocellaris Davinci Classic, Ocellaris Wyoming White Classic, Ocellaris Wyoming White Face Mask, Ocellaris Fancy Snowflake Classic, Ocellaris Fancy Snowflake Tons of Spots, Ocellaris Midnight Lightning Classic, Ocellaris Midnight Classic, Percula Picasso Premium, Percula Picasso Helmet, Percula Onyx Picasso Extreme, Epigrammata Blue Lightning Maroon Classic.  We've studied the stock list and worked close with our vendor to bring in some of the most desirable clownfish available today. Over 28 specialty clowns on this order.

Arriving late Wednesday, Sept 21 we will be bringing in another hand picked coral order.  Planning on picking plenty of large corals, Many frags, Acro, show size corals, and much more. Our new coral systems are filling up fast but we have at least 10 additional coral holding systems to stock up. Construction work should be complete this week.

Coral details and pics to follow - See the full reports:
2016 09 21 Tropical Retail Price Report.pdf
2016 09 21 Coral Retail Price Report.pdf
2016 09 22 Clownfish Retail Price Report.pdf

New Clown pictures to be added Friday

CORA Frag swap Visit our table Saturday

Monday Night California Coral & Marine Order
Posted 09/12/2016

Updated Coral System

Pipe Organ

Monticap & Chalice


Galaxia Green


Big coral order for our new systems including Acro, Candy Coral, Pipe Organ, Nano Coral Mix Pack, Montipora, Brain Frag, Favia, Chalice, Ricordia Blue, Trachyphyllia Red, Lobo, Zoa.

Fish highlights include Coral Beauty Angel, Canary Yellow Blenny Fiji, Lawnmower & Starry Blenny, Copperband Butterfly, Green Chromis, Blue Leg Hermit Crab, Ruby Red Dragonette, Dancing Scallop, Mexican Turbo Snail, Red Black Tip Fromia Starfish, Scopas Tang, Feather Duster Golden Red.

Store News: Showroom 4 tank systems are up and running.  Dedicated SPS/ Acro system stocked.  Hand picked coral order planned for next week and work this weekend in the coral warehouse with 10 additional store coral holding systems. Once completed, the store will sport 22 coral show tanks.

See the full report:
2016 09 12 Retail Price Report.pdf

Grade A Acro Frags Rt        Acro Super Cultured

     Pink Birds Nest Rt              Bowerbankii Brain

         Favia Frags                              Lobo Coral

  Nano Coral Frags (12)         Nano Coral Frags(12)

          Zoanthid XL                        Zoanthid XL Actinic

Friday Sept 09Tropical Fish Order
Posted 09/09/2016
    Tropical Fish order received 09/09/2016

Retail Price Report.pdf

September California Marine Order
Posted 09/07/2016
  Nice California marine order this week.  38 line items & almost 100 marine fish on this order.  Over 400 cleanup crew hermit crabs and snails!  

Marine highlights include: Anemone Bubble Color (Warehouse) Anemone Bubble Rose (Warehouse) Angel Coral Beauty, Royal Gramma, Blenny Bicolor Male, Canary, Lawnmower, Starry, Tailspot.  Bangai Banner Cardinal, Crabs: Cleaner, Emerald, Hermit Crab Green & Blue. Damsel Springeri.  Goby: Diamond, Mardarin Red, Twinspot, Yellow Watchman, Yellow Antenna, Yellow Clown.  Starfish Tile, Tang: Hippo, Convict Sailfin, Yellow. Feather Duster, Wrasse Yellow Coris and Tricolor Fairy Male.

Plenty of store news: New front store coral systems (4) plumbed and ready to fill. One of these systems are dedicated to SPS and Acropora. Planned September orders include more California marine and coral orders, hand picked coral order, and mid-month huge specialty clownfish order.

See the full report:
2016 09 07 Retail Price Report.pdf

Tropical Fish Order - Sept 02
Posted 09/01/2016
    Plenty of Tropical and Marine fish on this order.  Highlights include: Asst Fancy Oscar (6), Peacock Aulonocara Cichlids (6) Discus: Cobalt Blue, Royal Red, Brown Wild.  Plenty of Guppies, Balloon Belly Sailfin Molly, Pleco: Gold Line Royal Xingu L027, Emperor L204, M/L Pleco (12), Hatchetfish Marble and Silver, Tissue Culture Plants (12).  Marine highlights include Darwin Ocellaris Blk T/R (2)

2016 09 02 Retail Price Report.pdf

EOM September California Coral and Fish Order
Posted 08/31/2016

Metallic Green Bubble Coral

Black Tip Red Fromia Starfish

Black Tip Red Fromia Starfish

Green Chromis & Coral Beauty
  Big store coral system overhaul project underway in our main marine showroom.  We've moved some of our corals but still have plenty of room for this new order.  Here are the highlights - Corals: Grade A and Ultra Zoa frags (9), Metallic Green Bubble Coral (4), Montipora Frags (4), Branching Frogspawn (3).  Other order highlights include: Sand Dollar (sold) Coral Beauty, Lawnmower Blenny, Green Chromis, Ocellaris Clown, Zebra Hermit Crab, ruby Red Dragonette, Shrimp: Cleaner and Peppermint, Starfish: Black Tip Red Fromia, and Sand Sifting.  Finally, Assorted Female Fairy Wrasse (6). 

It's been a couple of years since our last order with this vendor and we're planning to get coral shipments in on a regular two week schedule in the near future. 

We should be finishing up our new systems over the holiday weekend.  New Reef lighting is in transit & we should be stocking the systems within 7 days.  We've dedicated one system to Acropora corals on a separate sump. As work continues on these systems we will address the rest of our coral systems in the new warehouse.  Stocking will begin shortly thereafter.  Two systems in the warehouse will be dedicated to SPS & Acros.

See the full Report:
2016 08 31 Retail Price Report.pdf

       Snowflake Spot Clownfish                        Grade A Zoa Frags

Mid August Triple Order California Marine, Tropical, & Plant
Posted 08/08/2016

Millineum Rainbow

Bubble Anemone

Long Tentacle Anemone

Featherduster Worm

Foxface, Flame Angel
Sand Sifting Starfish

Clown Tang
  We put in orders from all three of our primary suppliers this week. We're now stocking both our main showroom and warehouse systems.

Wednesday, August 17 we brought in a nice freshwater restock including: Betta Crowntail and roundtail, Fish for our nano tank, Hand picked Peacock Cichlids, Zig Zag Eel (3), Millineum Rainbow LG(3) Snails, Blackworms. Also included are several saltwater items including Green Chromis, Clowns White Eyebrow Clarkii (6), Percula TR(8), Tomato TR (2), Feather Duster (3).  Finally 50 lbs of Tukani Fiji Live Rock.

Thursday, August 18 California marine order.  Order highlights include Anemone: Bubble Color (2) Long Tentacle Color (3), Sebae Purple (2), Angel Rock Beauty (BO) Royal Gramma (3), Blenny: Bicolor Male (Sold) Canary, Golden Tiger, Lawnmower.  Bangai Cardinal (4), Onyx Percula Clownfish (4), Crab: Anemone, Emerald, Blue Leg Hermit. Goby:Clown Citron Fiji, Diamond, Mandarin Red, Scissortail, Twinspot.  Fire Shrimp, Snails, Sand Sifting Starfish, Tangs: Hippo, Clown, Orange Shoulder Hawaii, Yellow Eye (Kole).  Potter's Hawaii Wrasse.  Corals include Zoa: Colony Rock Super Green, Super Pink, and Orange.

Friday, August 19 Tropical Fish and Tropical Plants.  Order highlights include Barbs Cherry Albino, Cherry, gold, and Rosy Neon.  Plenty of catfish, Danio, Hand picked Peacock Cichlids, Geophagus Balzanii, Gourami, Fancy Guppy Endler's, Killifish Golden Wonder, Spotted Leaf Fish, Pleco, Swordtail Red Velvet Tux, Tetras: Glolite Albino, Hatchet Silver, Lemon, Neon Black, Neon Large Florida, Serpae Von Rio Orange, White Skirt. 

Tropical Plants include Anubias Nagi, Coffeefolia, and Barteri, Anacharis, Corkscrew Vallisneria, Moneywort, Cambomba, Pogostemon Erectus. 

We have a pending order for more tropical plants due in Friday not included on this report - Stop by the store to see all the new plants, fish, and corals.

See the Full Reports:
2016 08 15 Tropical Fish Report
2016 08 16 Marine Fish Report
2016 08 18 Tropical Fish & Plant Report

New Local Tank Raised Angels, Discus, and Corals
Posted 08/08/2016
Tank Raised Angels $4.99

Lg Local Discus $49.99

Montipora Local $25.00

Several of our store systems now contain locally raised fish and corals.
New arrivals today of 100 Sm Assorted Angelfish: Black, Black Veil, Koi, Silver, and more.  Also today we stocked up on 10 large Discus.  Your choice on the Discus @ 49.99 Ea.  We gave our Angels a special $4.99 price. We would like to sell more Angelfish to our customers & we are now stocked up at a nice price.  Also pictured are several adult Angelfish we have housed in our warehouse priced nice @ $24.99 ea.

We have over 20 coral items locally propagated here in Faifield Co and at our facility to offer our customers.  Check out the pics.  Remember to check out our Facebook page for more store news.

      Hammer Corals Local               Trumpet Coral Local

 Toadstool JPS Propagated   Corals under Actinic Lighting

Early August Tropical Fish Order
Posted 08/08/2016

EOM July Tropical Fish & Large Tropical Plant Order
Posted 07/29/2016
Tropical Fish Order
Received Friday
  Several nice freshwater fish on the order this week. Also included on this order are plenty of freshwater plants.  We even ordered some premium pond fish!

Freshwater highlights include: (18) Cory Catfish, (12) Peacock Aulonocara hand selected, (18) of our favorite Fancy Guppy Pairs, Plecos: (6) Gold Nugget L018, Tigerhead L226 Med, Royal L191Reg, Swordtail Santa Claus, Koi: (3) Showa Sanke 5"-6" Yamabuki Ogon 5"-6" Tetra: Silver Hatchet, (25)Tetra Neon Lg.

Tropical Plants include: Amazon Sword, Anacharis Bunch, Anubias Congensis Potted, Moss Ball, Anubias Barteri Potted, Anubias Coffeefolia Potted, Potamogeton Gayi, Anubias Nana Petite, Cambomba Bunch, Dwarf Hairgrass Potted, Rosette Sword.  In all, 38 individual plants this week!

See the full report:
2016 07 29 Retail Price Report

EOM July California Marine Order
Posted 07/27/2016

Twinspot Goby

Christmas Wrasse

Maxi-Mini Anemone

Watchman Goby

Yasha Hase Shrimp Goby
  We've restocked on all our marine fish and cleanup crew.   
44 line item on this order totaling just over 110 new fish!  Plenty of cleanup crew on top of that.

Order highlights include:Live Foods, Anenome: (2) Long Tentacle Color and (2) Maxi-Mini Carpet Ultra, Angel: Coral Beauty and Flame, Royal Gramma, Blenny Lawnmower and Tailspot, (3) Butterfly Copperband, Chromis Green, Cleaner Clam, Clown Ocellaris T.R., Saddleback Black, and Tomato, Crab Arrow and Emerald, Damsels, Ruby Red Dragonette, Foxface.  Gobys include: Diamond, Firefish, Mandarin Green, Twinspot, Watchman, Yellow Rose Antenna.  Shrimp include Coral Banded, Peppermint, Candy Stripe Pistol. Also, Yellow Tang, Six Line Wrasse and Yasha Hase Shrimp Goby.

We "bumped up" the quantities of most line items to allow plenty for everyone. 

Plenty going on at the store late July. Planning a nice 2X expansion of our coral systems in our front store showroom.  Once these new systems are tied in we will bring in a large coral order to stock up our systems.

We're hoping to put another California order in for next week - Special orders are alway welcome!

At J P Success-
Big City Selection, Quality Stock, Great Service, Priced Nice!

See the full report:
2016 07 27 Retail Price Report.pdf

Mid July Tropical Fish and Dry Goods Order
Posted 07/16/2016

Anubias Potted Plant

Java Fern "Trident" Plant

Tetra & Danio Glofish®

Aulonocara Peacocks
  Plenty of tropical plants on this mid month tropical fish order.  Highlights include: Anubias Nangi, Dwarf Lily bulb, Java Fern " Trident", Ludwigia Peruensis, Amazon Sword, Banana, Green Cabomba, Moss Ball, Potted Anubias Barteri. 

Other order highlights include  hand picked Aulonocara Peacock Cichlids (12), Shovelnose Lima Catfish, Fancy Guppy, Oranda Goldfish, Figure Eight Puffer, Santa Claus Swordtail, Neon Tetra, Live Blackworms for those finicky eaters.

Marine highlights include Brittle Starfish.

Plenty of dry goods available.  If your thinking of a fish tank Tropical or Marine we offer the best prices in central Ohio!  We carry most size tanks and stands up to 75 gallon in stock.  We will order any size tank you want.  Great selection of packaged and frozen food.

We will be stocking reef ready tanks this season and stocking up large tanks at prices well worth driving for.

See the full report:
2016 07 15 Retail Price Report.pdf

Beginning of Month California Marine Order
Posted 07/06/2016

Clownfish & Anemone

Blue Mandarin Goby

Food for Corals & Fish

Yellow Banded Jawfish
  Nice California marine order this week including a few corals.  Order highlights include Angel: Coral Beauty & Flame, Ocellaris Clown (3), Crab: Anemone, Emerald, Hermit Green Leg & Red Leg, Damsel Yellowtail, Dragonette Ruby Red M (2), Goby: Diamond, Purple Firefish, Neon Bluestripe TR, Twinspot, Pipefish Red Bug Eating Dragonface, Shrimp: Cleaner, Fire, Peppermint Snail: Astrea, Cerith, Nassarius, Turbo Zebra Starfish Marble Red (1), Tang: Hippo (2), Yellow (3) Worm:Feather Duster Wrasse: Six Line.  Anemone: Purple Base Color, Bubble Color, Maxi-Mini Carpet Colored and Ultra.  Corals: Bullseye Mushroom Super, LPS Daisy Polyp.

Exciting order  this week - Some desirable items we only managed Qty 1 so stop by soon to get the best picks!  Planning more marine orders this month - Stop by and check out our fish, corals, dry goods and everything else. 

Plenty of store stockup and expansion work going on - Catch the wave in July!

See the full report:
2016 07 07 Retail Price Report
Huge First Week of July Tropical Fish Order
Posted 07/06/2016

Clown Pleco
Copperband Butterfly
Zigzag Eel
Fancy Guppy
Panda Oranda
Powder Brown Tang
S/A Redtail Catfish
Tiger Shovelnose Catfish
  Full store restock on our freshwater fish this week!  We've ordered all categories this week including Barbs, Betta, Loach, Catfish, Cichlid, Danio, Discus, Eel, Goby, Golfish, Guppy, Knife, Molly, Oranda, Platy, Pleco, Rasbora, Shark, Shrimp, Snail, Tetra, Koi.  We brought in a few marine items including Copperband Butterfly, Blue Mandarin Goby, Yellow Banded Jawfish, Trochus Snail, Powder Brown Surgeon Tang.  Order highlights include Axolotl, Juli & Panda Cory Cats, S/A Redtail Catfish, Tiger Shovelnose catfish (2), Celebes Halfbeak Albino, Super Red Oscar Med, New Fancy Guppy: Miracle Mosaic and plenty of colorful Fancy guppies,  Black Ghost Knife, Horseface Loach, Panda Oranda, Rasbora Brigittae, Dwf Maculatus, and Naked Micro.  Several Tetras including Tetra Blue and Kerri Blue.  Other Tetras include: Diamond Lg, Emperor Black, Neon Large, Pencil Beckfords, Phantom Red.  We ordered 3" Koi retail price $6.99, Live Blackworms for those finicky eaters. 

Plenty going on at the store during July.  Putting the finishing touches on the first phase of the warehouse project.  Planning on opening the warehouse for regular sales on Sundays by Labor day. 

Much more in the warehouse including all tropical tanks now cycled. Tank lighting to be complete this week. Desirable fish will be soon stocked and over the counter sales will begin very soon. 

Second phase of warehouse work will begin in August bringing up 9 new marine coral systems and our new double marine fish holding system containing 12 holding tanks with a combined 400 gallon capacity! 

Finally, Our new marine showroom will be opened into the warehouse completing the project allowing customers access to our Coral showtanks and expanded aquarium setup showroom.

Behind the scenes coral propagation ramping up this fall -  Exciting times for our customers wanting corals both combo or show size.

See the Full Report:
2016 07 06 Retail Price Report.pdf


                                     Axolotl - 2 To Choose From
California Saltwater Order
Posted 06/21/2016
     Our saltwater order will be arriving 06/23/2016! Lots of interesting new availability fish this time around.
Highlights include: Vlamini tangs, two types of mimic tangs, leopard wrasse, christmas wrasse, some different damsels, cateye blennies, and more.
 Two types of butterfly fish, four types of angels, five different types of tangs and lots of little guys to fill in the space in your aquarium.

Copepods and R.O.E.  will be back stock to feed your tank!

See images as soon as we have them at our Facebook page.

See the full report:
2016 06 23 Retail Price Report
Tropical, Marine, & Pond Order!
Posted 06/17/2016
   We have a nice mix of freshwater, pond, and saltwater fish that have arrived!
Yamabuki Ogon 5-6" Koi are in store currently. Some awesome yellow color present in these beauties sure to liven up your pond. Also we have pond plants still in stock!

Lots of restocking on freshwater and saltwater.

Don't forget to check our most recent updates and information at our Facebook page.

See the full report:
2016 06 16 Retail Price Report
Mid-Month Tropical and Marine Fish Order
Posted 06/08/2016
   Mid week Tropical fish order this week.  Plenty of Cichlids, Community fish, Marine fish, and Premium Live Rock included.

Items featured this order include:  (6)Sm and (12) Md African Peacock Cichlids, Haplochromis AHLI, Panda Cory, Half Beak Celebes, (1 ea) Red Melon and Red Rose Discus, Powder Blue Male Gourami, Moscow Blue and Moscow Green Male Guppy, Pink and Pink Tux Male Guppy, Tequila Sunrise Male Guppy, Rasbora Galaxy Danio, Red Fire Shrimp, Assassin Snail, Head&Tailight and Neon Black Tetra, Plenty of Tropical Plants.

Marine Highlights include: Yellow Longnose Butterfly, Damesel restock, Pearly Jawfish,  Trochus Snail, Powder Brown Surgeon Tang, and 50 Lbs of Totoka Live Rock!

See the full report:
2016 06 07 Retail Price Report.pdf
California Marine Thursday & Tropical Fish Friday
Posted 06/03/2016

Twinspot Goby

Clown Trigger

Marine Order: Keeping store on track ordering Marine fish every two weeks.  This week's order highlights include: (2) Clown Trigger, Flame Angel, Harlequin Basslet, blue Coral Banded Shrimp, (2) Clown Picasso C Grade, Immaculata Puffer, Cleanup Crew, (2) Live Tigger Pods. Plenty of staple items on this order.  See the full report below

Tropical Fish Order: We blasted through the instock report while continuing work in the warehouse Thursday afternoon and put together a nice store order which included popular line items.  Highlights included (12) Cichlid Peacock Aulonocara Med, Discus Fancy Asst Sm, Several other fish added at the last minute that is not on this report at the time of posting.  Will try to get back & update this post.  Planning on more tropical fish June 8 and/or June 10.  See the full report below.

2016 06 02 Marine Fish Retail Report.pdf
2016 06 03 Tropical Retail Price Report.pdf

Striped Cat Eye Blenny T.R.

Huge June 1st Coral Order
Posted 06/02/2016
     8 hour road trip to hand pick our largest coral order to date!  At least 32 line items and over 66 new corals on this order!  Several hard to get corals are included including (2) Yuma Ricordia Orange.  We ordered several nice corals to sell that are like what we have in our 120 Gallon and 90 Gallon store show tanks.  Yuma Ricordia, Fiji Pectinia, Galaxea Green, Bubble Coral, more.  Plenty of really nice LPS corals, 17 SPS and LPS Frags.  Order highlights are plenty: Neon Green Hairy Mushrooms, Galaxea Green L & XL, (5) Zoanthids including (1) Grade A L, Regular frags @ $25.00 Multi-Piece Frag @ $35.00 - Your Choice!  (6) Neon Green Fungia Helmet and (3) Orange Fungia, (2) Purple Plume Gorgonian Heliofungia Plate Coral, Yellow Leather Coral, Lobophytum Leather (Devil's Hand) Elephant Mushroom, Gold Clove Polyp, Black Sun Coral. 

Stony Corals located in front store and soft corals housed in warehouse. 

We've rearrainged our corals systems for a new look.  We have plenty of room for new corals and we have plenty of soft corals such as Toadstools both Green and Flesh tone, Finger leathers, Cabbage Leather, and much more at very fair prices.  Pics to follow.

See the full report:
2016 06 01 Retail Price Report.pdf

Website Store News Updating back on line
Posted 06/02/2016
    Website updating is back!  Several orders last month and plenty of store news since our last post on May 11.  We're now hosted on a newer server with updated software!

Also, feel free to check out our top level domain at  Several years ago we lost our top level domain while switching hosts, but last year we got it back!  We're mirroring store information to Our customers can choose where to get store information from.  Also, be sure to visit us on facebook at 

Past orders in May include the following:
2016 05 18 Marine Retail Price Report.pdf
2016 05 19 Tropical Retail Price Report.pdf

Nice May orders including Dry good restock.  Other past store news included Memorial Day store hours including previews available in the new coral warehouse.  Even bigger news is our new coral show tanks including new equipment and coral lighting in store.  Plenty of big store news on the way - Stay Tuned!

Mid-May California Marine Order 
Posted 05/11/2016

Bubble Anemone

Rose Anemenoe

Spotted Hawkfish
  Keeping up with our planned every other week marine restock. this week's features include 100 lbs of premium Fiji live rock.  We're setting up two live rock curing containers to provide well cured live rock ready for placement from our store to your tank.  Part of our expansion project include store propagated marine offerings.

Big store upgrade underway this month with lots of new equipment being installed in warehouse related to coral housing and display.  We have a batch of corals waiting for the new coral systems. Expect a coral restock in time for Memorial Day weekend.

Order highlights this week include Color Bubble Anemone, Mini-Maxi Anemone Color, Rose Anemone, Green Chromis, Ocellaris Clown TR, Snowflake Eel, Diamond Goby, Firefish, Falco and Spotted Hawkfish, Cleaner Shrimp, Red Fromia Starfish, Clown Tang, Sailfin Clown, Feather Duster, Huma Huma Trigger, McCoskeri Flasher Wrasse Male, Tigger Pods, Arci-Pods.  Limited sales from new warehouse begin next week.
See the full report:
 2016 05 12 Retail Price Report.PDF 

       100 Lbs Fiji Live Rock                      Sailfin Tang

Mid-May Friday Evening Tropical Fish Order
Posted 05/12/2016
Tropical Fish order due in Late Friday 05/13/2016

Catch the Wave 
at J P Success, Inc.
  We pressed ahead this week and put in a nice Tropical fish order for the weekend.  This order's highlights include 15 hand picked African Cichlids, Several other Cichlids, Discus, Fancy Goldfish, Gourami, Oranda Ranchu, Clown Pleco L103, Sharks, Cherry Shrimp, Pencil Beckfords for the Nano Tank.  

Other order highlights include Swordatils both Koi Santa Claus and Tricolor. Some last minute add-ons and 4 Darwin TR Black Ocellaris Clownfish.

See the full Report:
2016 05 12 Retail Price Report.pdf

Huge May Tropical Fish and Pond Order 
Posted 05/03/2016


We've got a giant shipment of freshwater fish landing tomorrow! We are excited to be able to offer some more interesting varieties this time around. We've got tons of barbs, catfish, some more African Cichlids, more GloFish, about 5 types of freshwater shrimp (Black, yellow, chocolate, red, etc), Clown loaches and clown knives, and a ton of aquarium plants!

This order also includes some fantastic pond plants and fish - assorted Lilys, hyacinth, and premium Grade A Koi. All this to kick off pond season!

See the full report:
2016 05 03 Retail Price Report.pdf

EOM April California Marine Order 
Posted 04/27/2016

Nice marine order this week featuring plenty of clownfish including  tank raised Ocellaris, Picasso C Grade, Onyx Percula "A" Grade,  B&W Ocellaris.  Many other highlights including Orange Female and Purple Queen Anthias, Copperband Butterfly, Pajama and Bangai Cardinal, Green Chromis, Diamond Goby Ruby Red Dragonette, Flame Scallop, Black Erectus Alantic Seahorse, Melanarus and Six Line Wrasse.

Don't forget to follow us on Facebook to see additional photos, shipments, and more! Find us on Facebook! 
See the full report:
2016 04 28 Retail Price Report.pdf

Beginning of Spring April California Marine Order 
Posted 04/14/2016

Rose Bubble Anemone (back)

Bluestripe Pipefish

Two Spot Blenny
  Full store marine fish restock this week. Highlights this order include Color Bubble Anemone, Rose Anemone, Flame Angel, Bluestripe Pipefish, Green Chromis, Cleaner Clam, Anemone Clam, Flame Scallop.  Several Goby including: Diamond, Firefish, Neon Bluestripe, Yellow Watchman. Other highlights include Lamarck Angel, Fern plant, Cleaner shrimp, Red Fromia Starfish, Tricolor Fairy Wrasse.  Finally Twinspot Goby, Starry Blenny, Royal Gramma, Valentini Puffer, and Purple Sebae Anemone.  

Order may include a few last minute addons as well.  Be sure to stop by to see the full order.  

Dry goods on this order include Reef Nutrition R.O.E and Tigger Pods-Live Copepods.

See the full report:
2016 04 14 Retail Price Report.pdf

            Purple Sebae Anemone                    Tricolor Fairy Wrasse
Beginning of Spring April Tropical Fish Order
Posted 04/14/2016

  Over four hours spent prepping for this week's tropical fish order!  Plenty of featured Cichlids including Peacocks, Ahli Electric Blue, and more.  As spring weather develops, several freshwater systems will be brought up featuring cichlids from each of the major lakes these cichlids originate from.  

During May we plan to offer shopping experiences in both the front store and warehouse.  Plenty of other features on this order including several late add-ons that didn't make this list.  Plenty of Barbs including Green Platinum, Betta fish, Cory Cats, Lots of Danios including some overstock to the warehouse, Bumblebee Goby, Fancy Guppies, Brown Ghost Knife, Plenty of Mollies, Plecos small, med, and large.  Other feature plecos including Albino Chocolate, L103 Clown, L165 Columbian Spotted, L004 Gold Spot, L226 Tigerhead.  Ghost Shrimp, Santa Claus Swordtail, Striped Peacock Eel (sold), Live blackworms. Several add ons including Darwin Clownfish that didn't make the report.

Order due in Friday evening - Stop in over the weekend & see all the new stock!

See the full report:
2016 04 15 Retail Price Report.pdf
EOM Tropical Fish Wednesday California Marine Thursday
Posted 03/30/2016

Orange Anthias Female

Clown Tang

Fern Plant

  Two nice fish orders to close out March.  Freshwater fish Wednesday includes restock in most every species: Barbs, Catfish, Plenty of colorful cichlids including South American Cichlids, Danio, Eels, Gourami, Guppy, Knife, Molly, Platy, Shark, Tetra, and more.  Several special line items and good or special prices including Electric Blue Jack Dempsey, Dwarf Male and Powder Blue Gourami, Panda Oranda, Koi Pond fish, Tropical Plants, and more of our popular blackworms. Marine highlights include TR Percula Clowns and Trochus snail. 

California marine order due in Thursday, March 31 features new store items: Multi-Barred Angel (multifaciatus), Orange Female Anthias, Black and White Heniochus Butterfly, Grade C Picasso Clown, Fern Plant Macroalgae, Conch Spider Snail, Clown Tang.  Plenty of the regulars including Flame Angels, Blenny, Cleaner Clam, Cleanup crew, Goby, Shrimp, and Wrasse. See the full report below.

2016 03 30 Tropical Fish Order.pdf
2016 03 31 Marine Fish Order.pdf

  Panda Oranda and Pond Koi                   Yellow Tangs

Easter Weekend Hand Picked Coral Order
Posted 03/24/2016

Acro Frags

Lobophyllia Brain Coral

Christmas Tree Worm on Rock

Bulk Lot Grade A Zoanthids

  Full Coral restock order this weekend.  We bought out the full remaining lot of the Class A Zoanthids providing many individual Zoa rocks small to medium priced from $20-$60.  Other highlights include: Christmas Tree Worm on Rock, Acan, Lobophylia Brain Coral, Hairy Mushroom Neon Green, Purple/Green Frogspawn, Hammer Coral, Goniopora Long Polyp, Pipe Organ, Plenty of single head Duncans, Frags.  All corals hand selected by our staff and vendor, dipped and doing very well in our system.  Duncans will be placed on frag plugs or rubble. We upped quantities of our most popular items and brought back everything we know our customers will like.

See the full report
2016 03 24 Retail Price Report

         Gonipora Long Polyp                     Hairy Mushroom

             Hammer Coral                               Torch Coral
Mid-March Tropical Wednesday California Marine Thursday
Posted 03/16/2016

Fancy Guppies

Chocolate Gourami

Live Tropical Plants

Panda Parrotfish

  At least two orders this week.  Tropical fish Wednesday and California Marine order Thursday, March 17.  Plenty of colorful Cichlids, Danios including Purple Passion, Discus, Fancy Guppies, Piranha, Plecos, Shrimp, Tetra, Plants.  

Order highlights include: Pinktail Chalceus, Fancy Discus, Red Lip Goby, Nano size Clown Killifish, Hong Kong Pleco, Rainbow Blue Eye Signifer and Rainbow Madagascar, Yellow Fire Shrimp, Crinum Tropical Plant, Anacharis Pond Plant.  

Marine highlights on this order include: Eibls Angel, Percula Clowns, Trochus Snail, Nice Chocolate Tang is sold and we will order another one next time.

California Marine order due in Thursday, March 17.
Highlights include: Bubble Anemone, Purple Base Medium Bubble Anemone, Anemone Crab, Ruby Red Dragonette, Neon Bluestripe Goby, Mata Tang, Mexican Turbo Snail, (5) Red Fromia Starfish, Six Line Wrasse, Live Rock
California Marine Order due in Thursday, March 17

See the reports:
2016 03 16 Retail Price Report
2016 03 17 Marine Retail Price Report

                         African Cichlids                          Bumblebee Platy
California Marine Order Thursday - Tropical Fish Friday
Posted 03/09/2016

Purple Base Bubble Anemone

  California marine scheduled for delivery Thursday, March 10.  Large order including (5) Color Bubble Anemone, (2) Long Tentacle Color Anemone, (Sold) Purple Sebae Anemone, Dwarf Angels, Blenny: Lawnmower, Scooter, and Tailspot.  (3) Bangai Cardinal, (25) Green Chromis, (4) Springeri Damsel, Foxface, Ruby Red Dragonette, Goby: Diamond, Firefish, Mandarin Yellow (Target) and Green, Watchman, (4) TR Bluestripe Neon, (3) Yellow Clown, and (6) Yellow Clown. More including (Sold) Volitan Lionfish, Macrolagae: Shaving Brush and Fern Plant, Rabbitfish Scribbled, (3) ReefPODS (Tisbe) 8oz, Shrimp: Cleaner, Fire.  Snail: Bumblebee and Nassarius, (4) Feather Duster.  Wrasse: Christmas, (2) Melanarus, (2) Six Line. Coral: (1) Button Polyp Color SM

Tropical fish order details will be finialized Thursday afternoon & published.  Order will be due in late Friday evening.

Plenty of store work going on.  Several large tank sales and installs underway.  

Big progress in warehouse including 4 new triple stack commercial fish holding systems in place.  Plumbing work, filling, and stocking late March into early April.  Plans to have warehouse ready for late spring  public opening. Pics soon.  

Finally, Coral system upgrade plans underway to allow space for next coral order planned for ~ March 16.

See the Reports
2016 03 10 Marine Retail Price Report.pdf
2016 03 11 Tropical Retail Price Report.pdf
Fluval® T5 HO Reef Lights, Sea 2.0, Canister Filter, & Bulbs
Posted 03/09/2016

Fluval® Sea 2.0 Reef LED

Fluval® Canister Filters
  New full line reef lighting featuring Hagen® Fluval® T-5 HO fluorescent and LED lighting solutions now in stock!

We're now much better stocked up on replacement HO bulbs - competitivly priced.  More exiting lighting news on the way!

We've been stocking the highly respected Fluval
® 206, 306, and 406 canister filters for some time now.  We are fully stocked up on all our Hagen® products including the durable AquaClear® filters.

® T5 HO Fluorescent            T5 HO Lighting in stock

February EOM California Marine Order
Posted 02/24/2016

Green Chromis

Pink Blue Spot Watchman Goby

T.R. Crocea Electric Clam 2"

  Nice marine order this week with 33 line items.  We may add a few last minute items before order ships out Wednesday evening for a Thursday delivery.

Highlights on this order include: 5 Bubble Anemone, Coral Beauty, Blennies, Cardinal, Chromis, 2 T/R Crocea Electric Clam, Yellowstripe Maroon Clown, 8 T/R Ocellaris Clown, 2 Select Percula Clown, Ruby Red Dragonette, Gobies, Dogface puffer (Sold), Shrimp, Snails, Starfish, Small Hippo Tang, Coco Worm.

More marine fish later this week with tropical fish order Friday evening.  We are working on new coral systems in our front showroom & will be scheduling a coral restock soon.

See the full report:
2016 02 25 Retail Price Report.pdf

      Close up of Crocea Clam                 Mandarin Goby
New Vendor EOM February & BOM March Tropical Fish Orders
Posted 03/03/2016

Eels and Barb

Peacock, AHLI, Mixed Cichlids

Guppy and Mexican Crayfish

Nano Fish

More Nano Fish
Yellow Banded Jawfish

Tank Raised Ocellaris Clowns

  Two large recent orders from our freshwater fish vendors have really stocked up our systems!  Our systems are maxed out with fish & couldn't even find room for one more fish that needed his own space (Jack Dempsey)  Spring weather begins Saturday March 5 so we heated up another tank in the warehouse.  

Plenty of new store news on the way including new coral systems and lighting, new full line HO T5 in stock on the way, advanced aquatic equipment, large combined systems recently acquired that will really boost fish holding capacity.

First order was received Friday, Feb 26 from our new tropical vendor.  Order was a little smaller than originally planned, but the fish came in healthy and in good order.  We even purchased a box of feeder guppies (located in warehouse) that have been all but impossible for us to get for several years.  We now have plenty of feeders including Rosy Reds, Feeder Golds, and Feeder Guppies.  We now stock live blackworms for those finicky eaters or new fish that just won't eat at all. Other order highlights include: Discus Blue Snakeskin and Royal Red, Royal L191 Pleco, Live Plants 10 line items, Ocellaris TR Clownfish, Mandarin Goby, and Cleaner Wrasse.

Second order received on Wednesday, March 2 contained 66 line items.  Plenty of highlights including Barbs: Cherry Male, Rosy Neon, Tiger Albino and Green Catfish: Algae Eater, Cory Juli and Panda, Glass, Stone. Plenty of Cichlids: Electric Yellow, Blue AHLI, Peacock Asst and Blue. Dwarf Frog, Assorted Discus, Full Restock of the nano tank including: Rasbora Galaxy and Pork Chop, more.  Plenty of Gourami, Fancy Guppy, Black Ghost Knife, Balloon Belly Molly, Platy: Mickey Mouse and Tricolor. Several interesting shrimp including: Bloody Mary, Blue Pearl, Cherry Red, Flower, Red Fire, and Rili Carbon.  Snails: Mystery, Neritina Tiger and Zebra.  Koi Swordtail, Tetra: Rummy Nose T/R, Neon, Lemon, and Von Rio.  Saltwater highlights include Mory Banded Eel (Sold), 6 Clownfish, Mandarin Blue Goby, Yellow Banded Jawfish, Trochus Snail, and Phytoplankton restock.

See the Reports:
2016 02 26 Retail Price Report.pdf
2016 03 02 Retail Price Report.pdf

                        Tri Color Platy                            New Freshwater Shrimp 

        Royal Red and Blue Snakeskin Discus               Royal 191 Pleco

February EOM California Marine Order
Posted 02/24/2016

Green Chromis

Pink Blue Spot Watchman Goby

T.R. Crocea Electric Clam 2"

  Nice marine order this week with 33 line items.  We may add a few last minute items before order ships out Wednesday evening for a Thursday delivery.

Highlights on this order include: 5 Bubble Anemone, Coral Beauty, Blennies, Cardinal, Chromis, 2 T/R Crocea Electric Clam, Yellowstripe Maroon Clown, 8 T/R Ocellaris Clown, 2 Select Percula Clown, Ruby Red Dragonette, Gobies, Dogface puffer (Sold), Shrimp, Snails, Starfish, Small Hippo Tang, Coco Worm.

More marine fish later this week with tropical fish order Friday evening.  We are working on new coral systems in our front showroom & will be scheduling a coral restock soon.

See the full report:
2016 02 25 Retail Price Report.pdf

      Close up of Crocea Clam                 Mandarin Goby
Tank Raised Discus and Large Angelfish Restock
Posted 02/24/2016

Tank Raised Discus $35.99
  Restock of tank raised Discus and hand picked angelfish this week.

15 small Turquoise Discus and 10 small Red Dragon Discus on this order 
priced at $35.99

Plenty of large Turquoise and Red Dragon Discus in stock now.

Plenty of small, medium, and large tank raised Angelfish in stock.

We will be contacting our other vendor for more tank raised Angelfish 
during the first week of March. 
Fish Friday Tropical Fish Order ***New Vendor***
Posted 02/18/2016

  First order this week from a new vendor providing several line items previously unavailable.  Highlights on this order include: Angelfish Colbalt Blue, Leopoldi Wild, and Silver Pearlscale.  Several colorful Cichlid line items that will be hand selected, Eels, Feeder Golds, Rosy, and Guppy, Gourami including Pink Kissing, Loach Clown, Chinese Butterfly, and Hillstream Butterfly, Chocolate Sailfin Molly, Pleco, M/L Florida, and Colombian Stotted, German Blue Ram, Mickey Mouse Tri-color Swordtail, Blue Tetra, Torpedo Mormyrid Whale.

Saltwater Highlights include Dwarf Seahorse, Six Line Wrasse, Darwin Blk Ocellaris T/R, Royal Gramma,

We worked till order cutoff and added many Guppy Pairs at the last minute.  These are pairs instead of just males!  This vendor offers several Discus varities & we will address this and more on our next order with them.

See the full report:
2016 02 19 Retail Price Report.pdf
Mid February California Marine Order
Posted 02/10/2016


Blue Linkia Starfish

Neon Bluestripe Goby


  Nice marine fish store order this week including all the favorites.  Order Highlights and new items include: 

Anemone Bubble, Long Tentacle, and Super Color Tube  
(2) Onyx Percula "A" Grade
(2) Orange Stripe Cardinal
(25) Green Chromis
Pom Pom Crab
Ruby Red Dragonette
Goby: Neon Bluestrip TR, Mandarin, Yellow Rose Antenna, Purple, and Firefish
Dwarf Lion
Cleaner Shrimp
Starfish: Linkia Blue, Orange, Sand Sifting, and Chocolate Chip
Convict Tang
Acro: Cultured 1st Grade

Take a break from the cold weather & stop in and see us!
Plenty of tanks & stands on sale near the End of Month!

See the full report:
2016 02 11 Retail Price Report.pdf

Orange Stripe Cardinal  Tube Anemenoe Super Color
Special Colorful Cichlid Order
Posted 02/02/2016

  First speciality Cichlid order received.  78 fish in all.  
Order went well and fish were nice as promised.
Order filled all available tank space allocated and more!
Looking forward to next order & have some requests to fill.

Plenty of inventory still available.


See the full report:
2016 02 02 Specialty Cichlid Order Price Report.pdf



3 Week Tropical Fish Restock Order
Posted 02/02/2016

Pink Tux Guppy

Neon Red Lobster
  Three weeks without a tropical freshwater order - Store selection was holding out, but we really wanted to get stocked up.  Almost 450 fish on this order excluding feeders!  Several new items including Stone Catfish, several interesting & new Crayfish and Shrimp, Medium Fire Eel, Beautiful Fancy Guppies, Sailfin Mollies, More Fancy Goldfish, Live Plants, Puffers, New Rainbows & Rasboras.

See the full report:
2016 02 02 Tropical Fish Retail Price Report.pdf

               Rainbow Threadfin                                      Fire Eel

EOM January California Marine Order
Posted 01/28/2016

Powder Blue Surgeon Tang

Tube Anemone

Onyx Percula Clownfish "A"
  Nice marine fish store restock due in Friday, Jan 29.  Plenty of showfish on this order including the following: (2) Coral Beauty Angel, (3) Onyx Percula "A" Grade, (3) Linkia Orange and (3) Linkia Blue Starfish, (4) SM Blue Hippo Tang, (2) Powder Brown Surgeon Tang, and (1) Powder Blue Surgeon Tang - Wow!

Other order highlights include: Rose Bubble tip Anemone, Tube Anenome, Bangaii and Ruby Cardinal, Med Ruby Red Dragonette, Firefish Goby, Tank Raised Bluestripe Neon Goby, Geometric Pygmy Hawk, Six Line Wrasse, Cleaner Shrimp, plenty of cleanup crabs and snails.

Other store news: Weather is improving - Planning Cichlid order first week in February.

See the full report:
2016 01 28 Retail Price Report.pdf 

             Powder Brown Surgeon Tang          Orange Linkia Starfish
Mid January 2016 California Marine Order
Posted 01/21/2016

Orange Linkia Starfish

Color Bubble Tip Anemone

Diamond Goby

Snow Event

EZ Access Snow Removal

60% or better Output in January
  Our first California Marine order for 2016!  We resisted just bringing in a bunch of show fish - We already have several to choose from & maybe we will do that next time!

Seriously,  we took into consideration early week cold temps and we wanted to do something a little different for this order.  This California order highlights include: Bubble Anemone, Bi-Color Angel, Coral Beauty, Hippo Tang, and Orange Linkia Starfish.

We've had several requests for Diamond Gobies,  We ordered 6.  We're putting 2 Pearly Jawfish in our 33 gallon sand bed system, It should prove to be interesting.  Also, we requested a Super Orange Tube Anemone & hope it gets on the order.  Another highlight will be the  Solar Eclipse Paythoa.  We ordered several Colony Rock Corals - (2) Super Green and (1) Orange.  A big highlight on this order will be (3) Bisma Worm Rock:Multi Color.  We've only seen one of these somewhere long ago and far away.  We ordered several. Easy to care for.

Plenty of other Cardinals, Chromis, Crabs, Damsels, Dragonette, Goby, Cleaner Shrimp, Wrasse, and more.   We appreciate the opportunity to serve a wider market and we are making a huge effort to keep the store stocked up with quality and interesting fish, corals, food, and supporting products each week.

As warmer weather approaches our orders will increase to accommodate the store expansion systems.  Greater quantities and selection including more unusual and desirable picks becoming the norm.

Look for expanded products from our new Tropical & Marine fish vendor beginning this week.   Adding new vendors provides an opportunity to expand our selections and better fulfill customer requests.   We are now open 7 days per week!  We're getting closer to that Cichlid order we've been promising.  

With the very cold temperatures observed this past week we reached exactly the peak electrical load we are willing to pay for & will look forward to moderating temps before bringing the warehouse on line. During the summer of 2016 the store will integrate an expanded solar power system including possible grid tie power with an dedicated meter allowing affordable, sustainable, and responsible energy usage. Eventually our solar generator system will cover our power bill.

Incorporating on site renewable power generation offer economic and competitive opportunities as well as a backup energy source that generates returns each day.  We hope to become a showcase for responsible business practices in both customer service and environmental impact and awareness.  

See the full report:
2016 01 16 Retail Price Report.pdf
Jan 2016 2X Tropical and Marine Fish Order
Posted 1/06/2016

Long Nose Butterfly (2)

Blue Mandarin Goby
Rainbow Madagascar
  2+ pages of tropical and marine fish on this order.  Big restock on community fish including Barbs, Catfish, Corys, Danio, Frog, Goby, Gourami, Guppy, Molly, Platy, Rainbow, Ram, Rasbora, Shark, Shrimp, Snail, and Tetra.  Also on this order mor Discus, Knife, Med Oscar, and Endler Guppy.  

Saltwater highlights include Pigmy Angel, (2) Yellow Longnose Butterfly, Percula Clown, Blue Mandarin Goby, Mex Turbo Snail, Powder Brown Surgeon Tang.

Plenty of stock on this order.  Working with vendor on special Cichlid order.  May put order in depending on available tank space & weather.  Warehouse and aquariums in warehouse holding temperatures.  - Stay tuned.

See the full report:
2016 01 06 Retail Price Report.pdf 

     Mixed Discus                         Electric Blue Ram

California Marine, Coral, and Florida Tropical Fish Orders
Posted 12/29/2015

Zoanthids A Grade XL

 Zoanthids A Grade XL

Torch Coral
  California Marine fish Order Dec 30.  Florida Tropical Fish order and a hand picked coral order Thursday, Dec 31.

Plenty of marine show fish, cleanup crew, gobies, cardinal fish and much more.

Tropical fish order include several special items from our new Florida vendor.

Hand picked Coral order should arrive by 3PM Thursday.  We are expecting to pick a nice selection of colonies, select coral pieces, Duncans, frags, Live rock, and more.  Will post details once order is received.

2015 12 30 Marine Retail Price Report.pdf
2015 12 31 Tropical Fish Retail Price Report.pdf
2012 12 31 Coral Retail Price Report.pdf

Toadstool & Zoa under Actinic & Normal Lighting
Christmas Week Tropical and Marine Fish Order
Posted 12/21/2015

Long Nose Butterfly

Mixed Discus

Powder Brown Surgeon

  It's been a few weeks since we brought in a tropical fish freshwater order & we have a full store restock on the way Tuesday, Dec 22.

Plenty of exciting store news: Beginning Jan 12, 2016 store hours will now include Tuesday 3PM-9PM providing a full 7 days per week store hours.

Further, we've added a new staff member with several years of experience in the trade. We're timing the start date of our new employee with store improvements related to both our dry goods offerings and our livestock offerings.  

In addition our customers can expect a better web and social media presence including a return of our sponsorship and forum page with C.O.R.A. in Columbus, OH.  We will work hard to offer and promote attractive pricing, desirable corals, healthy livestock and advanced aquatic equipment at our expanded facility. 

We've added almost 250 gallons of new freshwater livestock holding systems in our front aquarium store.  We're cycling the systems in preperation of a large Cichlid fish order due in just after new years weekend.

Aquarium Warehouse is well on the way and nearly ready for the first livestock order.  We're watching the weather before stocking up the warehouse systems.

Merry Christmas from the staff of J P Success, Inc.

See the full report:
2015 12 22 Retail Price Report.pdf 

     New 01                     New 02                          New 03
Ready for the Weekend California Marine Order
Posted 12/09/2015

Mushroom Packages

Purple Anemone
  Nice Full store restock in our marine fish department due in late this week.
We really wanted to be well stocked up before Christmas gets too close.

Weather is nice for shipping so we're take advantage of the fair weather before winter shipping and receiving challenges is at peak.  Many highlights on this order due in just in time for the weekend.  Highlights include: Anemone Bubble & Long Tentalce Purple, More tailspot Blenny, Cardinals, Copperband Butterfly, Clowns - Damsel - Chromis, Cleanup Crew, Snowflake Eel, Foxface, Goby, Cleaner Shrimp, and Fiji Live Rock.

Several aquariums left from November sale including (1) 75 Gallon Reef Ready tank with plumbing kit, (1) 65 gallon tank, 40 breeder tanks.  Nice 60 gallon Deep Blue Professional 60 Gallon Reef Ready Rimless cube.  Everyting priced to sell!

See the full report:
2015 12 09 Retail Price Report.pdf
December Tropical and Marine Fish Order
Posted 12/01/2015

Gourami Powder Blue

Platy Red Wag
  Big livestock follow up tropical and marine fish order this week.  250+ fish on the way!  Highlights include Colorful Cichlids, Large Fancy Goldfish to complete our system 6 winter conversion.  Plenty of Gourami, Guppy, Molly, Platy, Shark, Tetra, and much more.

Marine highlights include Anemone Tube Green Core, Dwarf Angels, (4) Black Percula Clownfish, Medium Percula Clownfish, Blue Mandarin Goby, Fire Shrimp, Trochus Snail, and more.

Store is well stocked with Coral, Marine Fish, Tropical Fish, Dry Goods and Tanks, Stands, and setup deals for the holiday season!

See the full report:
2015 12 01 Retail Price Report.pdf

2015 Black Friday Aquarium Store Hours
Posted 11/26/2015

2 - Available 20 G Setup $209
  Special store hours Friday, Nov 27 - 10AM - 9PM   Plenty of livestock to choose from for the Thanksgiving weekend.  

Several Tank Combo specials including a short window of opportunity to get tanks and stands on sale for special order until 4PM.  

Order your dream tank or setup  from 10 Gal to 300 Gallon with our sale prices in effect Friday.

Preview our Aquarium Warehouse project - Several systems up and running.

Gift Certificates available.

Tanks and stands available including 1- 75 Gallon Tank $125.00 20 Setup (Left) $209.99  30", 36", & 48x13" stands.
Huge Thanksgiving 2015 California Marine Fish Order
Posted 11/24/2015

Unpacking new order

Picasso Clown Elegance Coral

Super Pink Colony Rock
  Another one of our largest California marine fish with plenty of Anemone and some corals added to this order.  All the favorites on this order.  Several special requests and everything our customers have been talking about.

So many items on this order.  We've doubled up on quantities and still have plenty of room in our holding systems!  We're looking forward to challenging our system capacities with larger orders until both our retail store and the warehouse systems contain enough livestock to avoid stock outages between orders.

Highlights on this order: Anemone Color Bubble, Long Tentacle, and Purple Base. (2) Flame Angel, Cardinals, Chromis, Picasso Clown, Ruby Red Dragonette, Blue Spot Puffer, (6) Cleaner Shrimp, More Hippo Tang, Power Brown Surgeon Tang, (7) Yellow Tang, Kole Tang.  Coral highlight include Super Pink Colony Rock and (4) Mini-Maxi Anemone.

We are watching for Powder Blue Surgeon Tang, Blk & White clowns and hand picking some corals for the warehouse opening on an upcoming order.

We look forward to the challenge of meeting customer expectations while continuing to offer more product and selection - Happy Thanksgiving 2015
See the full report:
2015 11 24 Retail Price Report.pdf
November Tropical and Marine Fish Order
Posted 11/11/2015

Discus $34.99

Discus $34.99

Gudgeon Peacock
  Another nice Tropical and Marine fish order due in Wednesday, Nov 11.  

We spent considerable time covering the entire fish list & put together a nice order for this week.  

Highlights include 1st attempt at Discus fish for store stock, Plenty of Catfish, More Med Oscars including Snow White and Super Red, Polleni Cichlid, Dragon Eel, Rope Eel, Gourami, New Koi Sanke Swordtails.  Several Marine items on this order including Mini-Maxi Anemone, Foxface, Hermit Crabs, Pencil and Short spine Urchins, Trochus Snail, Purple Plume Gorgonian, and Mandarin Blue Goby.  Plenty of other fish on this order.  See the full report below.  

Recent store work include completed database for tanks and stand discount sales.  Beginning prep work for new Cichlid vendor order.

See the full report:
2015 11 11 Retail Price Report.pdf
November 2015 Aquarium Tank, Stand, and Canopy Sale
Posted 11/09/2015

Tanks, Stands, and Canopy's 
on sale Nov 2015
  Our vendor is offering many tanks and stands on sale this month and we are passing the savings along!

The last day to order from this list is Monday, Nov 23.  This offer expires in November. Product must be in vendor stock and delivered to our store during November for sale price to be effective.  Non-sale prices are available outside this offer. 

Don't wait! Store order cutoff for this week is 12PM Wednesday, Nov 11.

We are planning to offer a full array of tanks, stands, and tops at very competitive prices in our showroom extension of the new Aquatic Warehouse. 

See the full report:
2015 11 09 Nov 2015 Aquarium Sale.pdf
***J P Success, Inc.  reserves the right to correct and adjust any error*** 
Early November Tropical & Marine and California Order
Posted 11/03/2015

Color Tip Linkia Starfish

Blue Linkia Starfish

Colony Rock Polyp

Flame Angel Med
  Orders placed this week to fully stock store with both freshwater fish and Marine fish and corals from 2 vendors.

Plenty of Tropical fish on this weeks order including community fish, Oscars, Rope Eel, Feeders, Fancy Guppies, Headstanders, Mollies, Fancy Goldfish, Algae Eating, Cherry, and Ghost Shrimp.  Marine highlights include Powder Brown Surgeon Tang, Small Hippo Tangs, and Trochus snails.

A California Marine order has been placed and scheduled for arrival Thursday, Nov 5.  This order features several premium showfish including Bicolor, Coral Beauty and Flame Angels, Copperband Butterfly, and a Powder Blue Surgeon Tang.  Other order highlights include Lawnmower Blenny, Starry Blenny, Tailspot Blenny, Damsels, Chromis, Diamond Goby, More Blue Linkia Starfish, possibly other Linkia starfish and Red Leg Hermit Crabs.  Finally, we ordered several Colony Rock Super Green Zoa, and a pipe organ coral.

We are excited to offer all these fish and corals to our customers and look forward to stocking this order in our systems.

Plans are getting underway for a premium Cichlid order, Aquatic Warehouse getting online, Tanks, Stands, and Combo promotions are available this month. LED Reef lighting both in store and added to our product selection.

See the reports:
2015 11 03 Retail Price Report
2015 11 05 Retail Price Report

October Hand Pick Coral and Coral Frag Order
Posted 10/28/2015

XL Toadstool

Pipeorgan Coral

LPS & SPS Coral Frags
  Several corals on this order including medium colonies, coral frags, and more.  We're pouring over the list before our appointment, but we expect to pick most of the order on the spot.

We've prepped the store for the new arrivals and have room in the warehouse if additional space is needed.

We hope to set the stage for future orders to be shipped directly to our location, but it's always nice to visit our vendor and hand pick the order!

Corals are opening up this evening pics will be updated Friday under full lighting

See the full report:
2015 10 29 Retail Price Report.pdf
Huge California Marine Order Thursday & New Tropical Fish
Posted 10/20/2015

Blue Linkia Starfish

Tailspot Blenny

Freshwater Clam
  Full store restock in the Marine fish department this week.  Nothing held back on this order.  Highlights include: Color Bubble Anemone, Blennies: Tailspot, Starry, & Lawnmower.  Copperband Butterfly, Bangaii Cardinal, Percula & Tomato Clown, Condylactis. Crabs include:Emerald, Red Leg, and Scarlet Red Reef. Damsels. Ruby Red Dragonette. Other highlights include Diamond, Dragon, Firefish, Yellow Watchman and Yellow Clown Goby. Shrimps include Cleaner, Sexy, and possibly Peppermint. Plenty of Snails including Cerrith, Margarita, Mexican Turbo, Nassarius large and small.   Finally, Hippo, Yellow, and Yellow Eye Kole Tangs, Cocoworm, McCoskeri Flasher and Six Line Wrasse wrap things up.

We're about to begin focusing on restocking our coral selection and expanding into our Aquatic Warehouse featuring an expanded Coral, Marine, and Tropical fish selection.  If weather permits, the new warehouse will allow increased store orders allowing our customers greater quantities, selection and a fresh, updated store experience. Work is underway to provide for website wysiwyg viewing and possibly ordering and pre-ordering.

See the full report:
2015 10 20 Retail Price Report
2015 10 21 Retail Price Report Tropical
Mid - October Tropical, Marine, and Dry Goods Orders
Posted 10/06/2015

Black Ghost Knife Fish

Ghost Shrimp
  Tropical and Marine fish order this week containing a nice store restock of hand picked African Cichlids, plenty of Cory cats and other Catfish, Danios, Glofish®, Eels, Freshwater Goby, All variety of Gourami, several Tetras, Fancy Guppies, and special Plecos.  Several line items are unusual fish including three Black Ghost Knife fish.

Saltwater this week include Green Chromis, Arrow Crab, Blue Damsel, Aiptasia eating File fish, Trochus Snail, Sm Hippo Tang, and hand picked Powder Brown Surgeon Tang.  We are hoping for several more orders this month including a California order, special Cichlid order, and maybe even a coral order or two at EOM.

See the full report:
2015 10 07 Retail Price Report

September Tropical and Marine Fish Order
Posted 09/16/2015

Upgraded LED Systems
Powder Brown Surgeon Tang
  Large Tropical and Marine fish order this week.  Tropical fish highlights include: Phantom Glass Catfish, Colorful Cichlids, Feeders, Fancy Goldfish, Guppies, Mollies, Platys, and Tetras.  Other highlights include Galaxy Rasbora, Cherry Shrimp, and tropical plants.

We've added several marine show fish to this order including: Value Hippo Tang, Med Blonde Naso Tang, Powder Brown Surgeon Tang, Med Yellow Tang, Red Feather Duster, Coral Beauty & Bi-Color Dwarf Angels. We're about to show our first pics of the warehouse expansion project and will be promoting premium fish both Tropical and Marine that we will house in our store.

See the full report:
2015 09 16 Retail Price Report.pdf

Tank Raised Angelfish, Plecos & Plants, Fluval® LED Strips
Posted 08/21/2015

Tank Raised Angelfish Restock

Tiny Tank Raised Pleco
  New batch of tank raised Angelfish today. Order included tank raised tiny plecos and Dwarf Sag live plants.  Hurry in for the plants we ordered 20, but they always go fast!

Business has been a bit slow probably due to the fine weather and back to school season.  We have plenty of Marine Show fish, Corals, and more.  We have engaged new vendors for the store expansion.

Several projects underway: New holding systems, Website work including wysiwyg page.  Focusing energy on our coral holding systems.  Our frags have grown over the summer and need to be seperated in prep for new season stockup.  New nano system with HO lighting for sale.

See the dry goods report:

Mid August Tropical Fish Order - Community Fish Stockup
Posted 08/11/2015

Butterfly Fish

Turquoise Gourami
  Freshwater Tropical Fish order this week.  Over two pages of tropical fish including plenty of Barbs, Catfish, Danio, Gourami, Guppy, Molly, Shark, Swordtail, and 12 Tetra line items!

Marine items include:Some Peppermint Shrimp, Monkey Shrimp, Chromis.

Store is well stocked and we are setting up new tanks to accomodate all the fish we have.

Stop by to see the the work we're putting into our new and existing livestock holding systems:  Crystal clear water, Clean tanks, Well stocked systems, Quality stock and best of all - Good Prices.

See the full report:
2015 08 12 Retail Price Report 
August Tropical and Marine Fish Order
Posted 08/05/2015

Nice XLG Oranda

Rubber nose Pleco
  Nice store restock on all our tropical fish systems.  We've ordered in all our popular tropical fish and added several unusual or new fish to this order.  Tropical highlights include: 20 pond Koi, Eels, Algae eating shrimp, Colorful Cory's, Apistogramma Ram, Rasbora Scissortail, Golden Shark, Pleco, and more.  

Marine highlights include:Royal Gramma, Some Peppermint Shrimp, 3 Powder Brown Surgeon Tang Showfish, and a Blue Mandarin Goby.

See the full report:
2015 08 05 Retail Price Report.PDF  

California Marine Fish Order - Full Marine System Restock
Posted 07/28/2015

Lawnmower Blenny
  We went through every line item and brought in a full store restock of fish, cleanup crew, and more.  Order highlights include: B&W Ocellaris Clown, More Picasso Platinum Clowns, Color Anemone: Bubble, Long Tentacle, and Rose.  

Other highlights include: Lawnmower and Scooter Blenny, Ruby Red Dragonette, Lots of Gobys, Powder Blue Surgeon Tang, Naso Tang and Six Line Wrasse.  We've bumped up quantities allowing overstock into our new tropical warehouse systems.

See the full report:
2015 07 29 Retail Price Report.pdf
Mid - July Tropical and Marine Fish Order
Posted 07/15/2015

Kole Tang

Peacock Gudgeon
  Carefully planned store restock this week.  Plenty of Tropical and Marine fish on this order - A couple of pond fish too.  

Tropical highlights include: Barbs, Catfish, Oscar, Danio, Feeders, Frogs, Glowfish, Goldfish, Oranda, Gourami, Guppy, Platy, Rasbora, Shark, Shrimp, Snail, Swordtail, Tetra, and Koi.  

Marine Highlights include: Dwarf Angel, Royal Gramma, Green Chromis, Herm Crabs, Damsel, Snail.  

Marine show fish on this order include: Lavender Tang, Naso Blonde Tang, Yellow Eye (Kole) Tang.

We are working with a new vendor to bring colorful Cichlids to the store soon.  We kept this order reasonable to allow space and funds for both the new cichlid vendor and hopefully another store order next week. We hope to put in a California order near EOM.  Our first warehouse Marine 5-tank combined system is mostly cycled and we are beginning to populate our aquarium warehouse.  We will be bringing up freshwater systems for the Cichlid order. 

See the full report:
2015 07 14 Retail Price Report.pdf

June Summer Kickoff - Tropical and Marine Fish Order
Posted 06/02/2015
  Nice tropical fish order placed including Premium Marine fish, Big restock on our tropical fish.  We also included Pond fish and Pond Plant.
Full report below:

2015 06 03 Retail Price Report.pdf
May California Marine Order
Posted 05/19/2015

Powder Blue Surgeon Tang

Ruby Red Dragonette

Fiji Live Rock - Slab
  Nice Marine fish restock this week.  Included are plenty of everything we stock including several show fish with bumped up quantities.  Included on this order is a box of Fiji shelf live rock.

Approx 98 fish & inverts on this order!  Highlights include Percula Clowns from Solomon Islands, Medium Hippo Tang, Powder Blue Surgeon Tang, Plenty of Yellow Tangs priced nice at $42.00, Naso Tang, 4 Six line wrasse, Medium-Large Color Bubble and Long Tentacle Anemone, Ruby Red Dragonette, Foxface, Puffer, Lots of Gobys, Cleanup crew and more!  

Work continues on our warehouse expansion.  We're looking forward to future orders with larger quantities, selection, and sizes.

We're beginning to promote the store and really appreciate your kind words about our products and services.  Plenty of corals in stock including Rock Anemone from last order.

See the full report:
2015 05 19 Retail Price Report.pdf 
May Hand Picked Coral Order - 11+ Hour Road trip
Posted 05/07/2015

Walking Dendro

Fungia Coral - Ricordia


Elegance Cone Bottom
  22 very special hand picked corals late Wednesday evening.  We took a 400 mile round trip to hand pick each item!  Top quality corals on this order.  Our long term goal is to save our area customers a trip to Columbus and to give our Columbus customers another reason to visit our store.

Almost everything on this order is new to the store. Each item we ordered is considered highly desirable in a reef aquarium.  We made sure each item picked does well in the reef aquarium - Easy to care for, not too aggressive, and affordable to our customers.

Highlights include the following: (4) Gorgonian: Purple Eunice, Purple Plume, Purple Candelabra, Golden Plume.  Elegance Coral Cone Bottom, Fungia: Neon Green, Orange, Green-Multicolor. Walking Dendro, Watermelon Favia, Clove Polyps, Florida Ricorda, Bubble Tip Rose Anemone, Rock Anemone: Red Multi-Color and Zebra Multi-color

Where possible, we ordered more than one of each item.  Stop by early for best availability.  All our corals are doing well and the store will continue to expand with more corals and systems.  Plans include enough coral and marine capacity to interest customers from anywhere in central Ohio.  Our new Aquarium Warehouse will be able to house a large selection of Corals and Marine fish.  In addition, new space for tanks, stands, and more tropical fish.

See the full report:
2015 05 07 Retail Price Report.pdf

April Tropical and Marine Fish Order
Posted 04/29/2015

Algae Eating Shrimp

Aquatic Plants

Large Angelfish

Our first Tropical and Marine fish order since expanding the store hours.  We put together our initial order which included almost 500 fish!  Considering the time of year and needing to keep within a budget we removed 85 fish but still ordered 415 new fish!

We've requested top picks and careful selection of the entire order.  

Order Highlights include: Full restock of community fish, Plenty of  Fancy Guppies, Fancy Goldfish and Koi for the warehouse, Fancy Mollies, Aquatic plants for our new planted tanks.  

Marine highlights: Medium Percula Clown, Foxface, Sm Hippo Tang, and 1 Powder Brown Tang.

See the full report:
2015 04 29 Retail Price Report.PDF

Tank Raised Angelfish, Plecos, and Live Plants
Posted 04/29/15

  Order received for tank raised black Angelfish.  Nice selection to choose from.  Tank well stocked with almost enough Angelfish to expand into a second tank.  We ordered a nice batch of tiny plecos.  Very colorful with gold, spots and white tipped tails.  Albino Plecos too.

Also included on this order - Live plants.  Very popular will sell fast.
Expanded Aquarium Store Hours - Store Expansion Underway
Posted 04/08/2015

Big Store News:  J P Success, Inc. Aquarium Store now opens weekdays 3PM - 9PM  Mon - Wed - Thu - Fri  Same weekend hours.

Better yet, The weather is improving and we are working each day converting our warehouse into our expanded Aquarium Store.

Most days we will arrive at the store by 12PM.  We will be available for our customers most of the day now.  Our expansion area will initially allow us to order larger quantities of fish, and allow for quarantine of new arrivals as necessary.

During the transition phase, we will continue to conduct all business from the front aquarium room.

Finally, We will now provide morning appointments as requested, Home and business aquarium setup, maintenance, and more.
2x April 2015 Tropical and Marine Fish Order 
Posted 03/31/2015

Blue Acara

Powder B Surgeon Tang

Nice Fancy Mollies
  Another one of our largest Tropical and Marine fish orders this week

105 Line items and 650 total fish on this week's order!

Tropical highlights include: Barbs, Botia, Catfish, Colorful Cichlids including a few sku's new and classic.  Other highlights include Danio, Gourami, 55 fancy Guppies, Clown Loach, Mollies, Piranha, Hong Kong Pleco, Puffers, and lots of Tetras.  Freshwater plants too.   

Saltwater highlights include: Bicolor Angel, 15 Green Chromis, Foxface, 2 Web Burr Puffer, Blonde Naso Tang, and Powder Brown Surgeon Tang.  These Tangs arrive large and healthy!

Plenty of store projects underway including LED lighting and store expansion both in current room and warehouse work underway.

See the full report:
2015 04 01 Retail Price Report

March Dry Goods - LED Lighting - Big Fish Tank Store Order
Posted 03/16/2015

New Aquarium Warehouse
  This week's dry goods order and our recent Coral Frag order boosts our store expansion effort that began in January.  

During March our vendor offered special prices on Tanks and stands.  We put our order in during this past week purchasing 2 - 75 Gallon tanks that we're offering for $119.99 ea and 1 - 55 gallon tank @ $89.99 ea. and oak trim 55 @ $99.99

Another order highlight this week are our new Current USA Freshwater LED lighting strips.  Prices begin at only  $44.99

We are very excited about the new LED products and price drops.  We are beginning to incorporate this technology in our store both freshwater and our Marine systems - Much more on the way!
See the full report:
2015 03 27 Retail Price Report
Early Spring California Marine Fish Order
Posted 03/16/2015

Koi Wrasse

Dwarf Lionfish
  Warm Weather Welcome!  

We've put in a nice California Marine fish order this week.  Highlights include: Coral Beauty Angelfish, Black & White Ocellaris Clown, Picasso Platinum Clown, Pom Pom Crab, More Ruby Red Dragonette, Snowflake Eel, Hogfish (Price Lowered), Dwarf Lionfish, Red Marble Starfish, Small and Medium Hippo Tang, McCoskeri, Six Line, and Koi Wrasse.

Both our Coral systems are full of corals and coral frags! 

We hope everyone will remember their fish tanks & fish store this spring and summer!!!  Enjoy - Full report below.

See the Full Report:
2015 03 15 Retail Price Report
March 2X Tropical and Marine Order
Posted 03/11/2015

Bi Color Angelfish
  Full store restock of Tropical and Marine fish: Barbs, Catfish, Cichlids, Gobys, Gourami, Rasbora, Shark, Swordtail, Tetra.  Saltwater highlights include:Mini Maxi Anemone, Coral Beauty, Bi-Color Angel, Royal Gramma, Chromis, Damsel & Chromis, Lionfish, Snail, Lavender Tang

See the Full Report:
2015 03 10 Retail Price Report
March Huge Coral Frag Order
Posted 03/08/2015

Coral Frags from $10
  Largest Coral Frag order in a long while!  Everything represented, SPS, LPS, Zoa, Poly, and Soft coral frags.  Prices begin at $10.00.  Nice, Hearty frags all mounted on frag plugs.  Fully stocked frag rack installed in our coral system.

This is the beginning our kick-off for our coral offerings.  Why travel further when we are offering the corals you want right here in Lancaster!  We welcome all our customers to stop by and see what we have - Coral restocking and new additions will be  conducted regularly so be sure to visit and tell others about our store!

See the Full Report:
To be published
March California Marine Order
Posted 03/03/2015

  Full store Marine Fish restock on this order.  

We're offering specials on this order:  Yellow Tangs and Sailfin Tangs at our best prices.  

Several new items this order.  Order highlights include: Large Color Bubble Anemone, Large Color Long Tentacle Anemone, 5 Ruby Red Dragonette, Gobys 8 species, Hogfish, 7 cleaner shrimp @ $19.99, Urchin, Wrasse, and both Yellow and Sailfin Tangs.   

See the full report:

2015 03 02 Retail Price Report

Sub Zero Tropical and Marine Order
Posted 02/18/2015

Lavender Tang

Leporinus Fasciatus & Punctatus
  Big Tropical fish order this week.  93 line items on this order.

All the favorites restocked- Big effort to keep store stocked up.

Plenty of African Cichlids to choose from.  Unusual fish include Blueberry Botia, Several Eels, Colorful Gourami, Headstanders, Piranha, Bichir Albino.  All the staples including plenty of Tetras, Swordtail, and Mollies.

Several Marine entries include: Jawfish Pearly, Hippo Tang, Lavender Tang, and Featherduster.  Also, Live Phytoplanktion for your corals.

Brave the cold & see all the fish!

See the full report:
2015 02 18 Retail price report
Ocean Sized February California Order
Posted 02/10/2015

  One of our largest marine orders ever!  

We've studied our current systems for better utilization and our new systems are ready to go.  Our goal is to utilize each holding cell with something exciting for our customers to see and pick from.

We've put in an order with many highlights. Everything from show fish to cave dwellers!  Order highlights include: Color Bubble Anemone, Blennies & Cardinals 3 varieties, Pakistani Butterfly, Dragonette, 11 varieties of Gobys, Hogfish, Plenty of Cleaner, Fire, Coral Banded, Peppermint, and Pistol Shrimp.  We've upped the quantities too. 

Other features include 3 Powder Blue Surgeon tangs, 7 Feather Dusters, 3 Wrasse species.  Zoos and Mini Maxi Anemone too.

Work begins on our Mushroom, Anemone, and Soft Coral system next. Followed by a doubling of our coral holding system in the near future. 

See the full report:
2015 02 10 Retail Price Report

End of January Tropical And Marine Order
Posted 01/28/2015

  Nice store order this week.  We really wanted to load up on the colorful cichlids this time.  We've allocated our 45XH tank to handle the large quantity of these fish.  Our vendor has promised colorful fish.  Other cichlids include an expansion of our S American Cichlids including Jewel Turquoise Jewell, Electric Blue Jack Dempsey @ $19.99, and Green Severum.  Included in this order are lots of community fish including Neon Tetras and more.  Also, More Eels this week!

Marine highlights include two Hippo tangs, Red Starfish, Hermit Crabs, and Ricordea.  

We hope to sell enough this weekend for a California Marine order next week...

See the full report
2015 01 28 Retail Price Report
Mid - January 2015 Tropical And Marine Order
Posted 01/14/2015

  Nice store restock with larger quantities of all the favorites.  Included in this order are: Full Gourami restock in larger quantities, Nice selection of guppies, Mollies, Cory's, Platy's.   On order are a pair of Banded Hi fin Sharks - A very unusual treat.  Marine items include lot's of Hermit Crabs, Damsels, Foxface, Powder Brown Surgeon Tang, Yellow Tangs, and Phytoplankton.  Also included are a few hand picked coral frags.

Store improvements are ongoing and a new marine holding system and live rock system will be heated up as winter temps begin to moderate.

See the full report
2015 01 14 Retail Price Report.pdf
January 2015 Tropical And Marine Order X2
Posted 01/07/2015

Lg Coral Beauty Dwarf Angel

Ohio tank raised Angelfish

Transparent Knife Fish
  Big fish orders are getting to be the new normal!

With the new marine systems coming on line bringing in an order with 73 line items is really no biggie!

We've been promised excellent cichlids this week and we ordered quite a few. Other fresh water highlights include: Eels, Gobys, Goldfish, Gourami, Knife, Tetras, and snails.

Also, we are bringing in a full restock of our excellent Central Ohio Tank Raided Angelfish. Black, Veil, Koi, Silver.  We will have pictures on our Facebook page. 

Marine highlights are numerous: Coral Beauty, 15 Green Chromis, Porcelain Crabs are sold but we will get more, Goby, Jawfish, Ricordia, Starpolyp, and 2 nice Surgeon Powder Brown Tangs.

Dry Goods restock due in on Friday.

See the full report:
2015 01 07 Retail Price Report.pdf
2015 01 08 Dry Goods

Dec 2014 Marine Room Aquarium Systems Expansion Work
Posted 12/30/2014

Current Upgraded Coral System

New Marine System 12/31/2014
  If you've been in our store recently you may have noticed several new aquarium systems under construction.  We're in the process of our winter 2015 expansion of our existing marine room.  We're currently adding a 4 tank pre-drilled Coral/marine fish tank system.  This system should be cycling by Friday Jan 02, 2015.  Up next is a new live rock housing system.  After that, we have a triple acrylic system for mushrooms, soft coral, Anemone, Feather duster, Ricordia, leather coral, etc.  Finally we will retire our current coral system and replace it with a better system which will include 4 - predrilled 36"X18" tanks, a proper refugium, a nice skimmer and an auto top off system.  We will begin stocking SPS coral in this system.

We've completely overhauled our existing coral system adding filtration, lighting, circulation and a skimmer.  Our new Year's eve order will load this system nicely while while work continues on the new systems.

Once our new systems cycle, we will have the capacity to bring in huge coral orders and better house show quality marine fish in greater qty than ever.  Later we will disclose our spring 2015 2X big build work.

New Year's Eve Huge Coral Order
Posted 12/30/2014

  Just in time to celebrate New Year's Eve - Our largest coral order ever is on the way from California.  We have a new vendor that will provide all the coral we've been seeking.

We've worked closely with our sales rep to provide exactly what we think our customers want.  This first order includes: 25 pc mixed coral package.  We requested Zoos, Bubble Anemone, Mushroom, Ricordia, Palythoa, Star Polyp, Button Polyp, Clove, Xenia, Hammer coral pieces. 

Other highlights include frags: Candy, Zoa, Duncan, Button, and more.  Fish highlights include Firefish, Rainfordi Goby, Marble Fromia Starfish. 

We will open the store asap Wednesday, Dec 31 New Years Eve and will keep the doors open until about 10PM or so.

New Years Day Store Hours 12PM to 7PM or so.

We wish everyone a Happy New Year!!! 

See the full report:
2014 12 30 Retail Price Report.pdf
December Tropical and Marine Order
Posted 12/02/2014

Knight Goby (Freshwater)
  It's been a while since our last fish order so we put in a nice order and doubled up on several premium fish.  The store is actually ramping up and adding several new salt water systems capable of better housing both our marine fish and corals.  We hope to have it all together by EOY.

Order highlights are hand picked African Cichlids, Marine Angelfish, (2) Powder Brown Surgeon Tang, Bangaii Cardinals.  We're hoping the unusual rasbora's ship. Lot's of Tetras on this order.

We're hoping to do a California order very soon!

See the full report:
2014 12 03 Retail Price Report

October Tropical and Marine Order 2X (Again)
Posted 10/21/2014

Lg Powder Brown Surgeon
  We've done it again and put in a super size tropical fish order.
We've fulfilled several special requests and doubled line items where possible.  Also we've increased the purchase qty of many line items.  Our store is already well stocked including nice many live plants and large tropical fish trade in.  We're beginning to order enough fish to call up our new aquarium warehouse project into action.
We plan to evaluate the winter room heating requirements around Thanksgiving.  We hope to bring this project on line by spring 2015 or earlier.

See the full report:
2014 10 21 Retail Price Report

September Tropical and Marine Order 2X
Posted 09/09/2014

Transparent Knife Fish

Gold Severum
  Double size order this week!  Better yet, our vendor has lowered prices on many line items.  In turn we've been 
able to substantially lower our prices on the same.  

This week's order include several unusual and all the favorites in greater quantity.  

Our warehouse fish room is up and running and we will house extra quantities of our popular fish.  In addition 
we now have room for feeder fish, grow out tanks, 
and more room for the unusual and oddballs.   

This weeks order is 4 pages long!  Lots of fish to fill 
up the systems!  See the full report:

2014 09 10 Retail Price Report.pdf

August 2014 California Marine Order
Posted 07/15/2014

  Great timing for a nice marine fish order!  Our marine systems are mostly bare so we're taking the  opportunity to stock our systems up.

We've ordered all our popular items and even have a few had picked pink and blue zoos on the way.

Please stop in and see the new arrivals.


See the full report 2014 08 12 Retail Price Report.pdf
July 2014 Tropical and Marine Fish Order
Posted 07/15/2014

  This week's order contains 75 line items.  Big tropical fish restock on our community fish including Barbs, Catfish, Danios, feeders, Glofish, Gourami,  Guppy, Molly, Shark, snail, Swordtail, and Tetras.  This order includes several Cichlid line items.

Marine items include Maxi-Mini Anemone, Royal Gramma, Hermit Crabs, Snails, Feather Duster Cluster.

Other items: We're testing our green thumb with some Venus Fly Trap live plants for $15.00 Ea.

See the full report 2014 07 15 Retail Price Report.pdf
June 2014 Tropical and Marine Fish Order
Posted 06/18/2014

  We've put in a nice targeted fish order to restock the store with essentials, some unusual fish, saltwater zebra hermit crabs, and feeder fish too.

Several customer requests are in this order and we worked closely with our vendor to bring in the best fish for our customers.

We're looking forward to our first fish order going into the Summer months.  Check out the full report below.

2014 06 18 Retail Price Report.pdf
May 2014 Tropical and Marine Fish Order
Posted 05/14/2014

Powder Brown Surgeon Tang
  Mid Month store restock including several unusual and store favorites.

Lots of hermit crabs, 2 Powder Brown Surgeon Tangs, Unusual tropical fish, Nano tank tropical fish, Eels, much more!

We're working on several projects for the summer season.

Thanks for your support over the 5 years - We appreciate your business!

2014 05 14 Retail Price Report.pdf

April 2014 Tropical and Marine Fish Order
Posted 04/08/2014

Goby Stiphodon Sumatrea
  Nice Tropical store restock featuring big stock up on Peacock Cichlids, Fancy Guppies, some Oscars, SA Cichlids, Freshwater Gobys. 

Other freshwater fish include must see Hong Kong pleco.  

Salt Water fish include Powder Brown Surgeon Tang, and Yellow Tang. Huma Huma Trigger also on order.

See the full report

2014 04 08 Retail Price Report.pdf 
March 2014 California Marine Order
Posted 03/26/2014

Moorish Idol
  On the way is one of our largest marine orders ever!
We've in the process of carefully expanding our marine systems including a twin pair of coral housing tanks incorporating high output lighting, plumbing, and eventually advanced filtration systems.  

This week's order include plenty of each line item.  Colorful Bubble and Long Tentacle Anemone, Angels, Basslets, Blenny, Bangaii Cardinals, Clowns including B/W, 8 line items of Goby's alone, Surgeon and Naso Tang, 4 line items of Wrasse's.  Check out the full report & stop by to see all the new fish.

2014 03 26 Retail Price Report.pdf
  March 2014 Tropical and Marine Order
Posted 03/04/2014


  March Tropical and Marine fish restock.  We pickup several last minute items on this order including 2 Hippo Tangs, 2 Bubble Anemone, Yellow Angelfish, Diamond Goby, and several special orders.  Also included is a nice restock on tropical fish.

See the full report:
2014 03 04 Retail Price Report.pdf

February 2014 Tropical and Marine Order
Posted 02/26/2014
    Nice late February Tropical and Marine store restock.  Freshwater include all variety of Gourami, South American Cichlids, Cool Gobies, Fancy Goldfish and more.  Marine includes Clownfish, Puffer fish, Cleaner Shrimp.

The store is still well stocked with premium show fish from our last order!

See the full report:
2014 02 26 Retail Price report.pdf

  February 2014 Tropical and Marine Fish Order
February 2014 Dry Goods Order
February 2014 Coral Order

Posted 02/11/2014


    Last week we received a nice store restock on our dry goods including salt, fish food and many other accessories.  We intend on putting together another order for 02/18/14.

Several fish tanks are on sale now and we save you some $$$ by ordering with us this month!

We received a coral restock including Toadstools and Singulara Sunday.

Wednesday, Feb 12 we have a nice tropical and marine restock due in.  Many nice tropical fish line items and several marine line items including Yellow Tangs, Webb Burr Puffer fish, Yellow Angelfish, Coral Beauty Angelfish, Atlantic Seahorse, Powder Brown Surgeon Tang, Kole Tang, Dwarf Lionfish, Hermit Crabs, Snails and More.

See the reports:

2014 02 05 Dry Goods Report.pdf
2014 02 11 Tropical and Marine Report.pdf  

  January 2014 Tropical and Marine Fish Order 
Posted 01/21/2014


  We spent several hours going over this week's fish list.  We've been using our specialized database to make sure we keep our store stocked with the fish you like.  

It's been a few weeks since our last order and there was no holding back on this order!  Several exciting fish on this order including Freshwater Clown Goby, Marine Basslet Fish, and lots of fish, snails, crabs, and starfish. 

Expecting to work on new Coral system this weekend and get some new tanks going soon.

See the full report:
2013 01 21 Retail Price Report.pdf

  New Years Eve Tropical and Marine Fish Order 
Posted 12/28/2013


  We'll be continuing our tradition of being open on New Year's eve this year.   Also,  We will be open on New Years Day as well.

What better way to bring in 2014 then a fish order on New Year's Eve!
Sailfin Mollies, Premium Swordtails, Fancy Guppies, Fancy Golds.
Saltwater include (3) Hippo Tangs at only $54.00 ea., Ritteri Anemone, Angelfish, Royal GrammaSnails, Cleaner Shrimp, Mandarin Blue, More! 

2013 12 30 Retail Price Report.PDF
  December Tropical and Marine Order 
Posted 12/18/2013


Marine Highlights: 
Powder Brown Surgeon Tang
Blue (Hippo) Tang
Kole Tang
Bi Color Angel
Yellow Angel
Yellow Tang
Nano Bubble Anemone

Lots of Tropical Fish
  Nice Tropical and Marine fish order expected on Dec 18.  This order will stock the store through Christmas week and take the store into 2014.

We've stocked up on all the fish you like and added a few different items into the mix.  The next fish order is planned for Jan 1, 2014.

Store Notes: We're putting on our thinking caps and getting ready to take another leap at corals & frags.  We're preparing our saltwater room for our largest effort yet into corals.  We think you'll be impressed. Quality products, Nice selection, and Good prices.  Please let us know your interested in seeing corals return to the store!

See the full report
2013 12 18 Retail Price Report.pdf

Thanksgiving Week Tropical and Marine Order
Posted 11/26/2013
    Nice Tropical and marine order this week.  Expected in this week include some very unusual fish we've been waiting almost a year for.  We'll be making some phone calls to our customers Wednesday evening!

See the full report
2013 11 25 Retail Price Report.pdf

  November California Marine Order
Posted 11/06/2013
    We couldn't be more ready for a nice marine order.  30 open spaces available for cool new arrivals!  First of all, we loaded up on the clean up crew.  Next on the list, Color Bubble Anemones and Ocellaris Clowns, 7 each! We really wanted to get in colorful, easy to keep, affordable marine fish so we checked our list twice and found enough for this order and our next.  Also, we have two Hippo Tangs on the way.  More exciting stuff on the order.

2013 11 05 Retail Price Report.pdf

  Mid - October Tropical and Marine Fish Order
Posted 10/16/2013
    We've put in a big order for this week.  Big restock on all tropical fish.  Lot's of Marine fish on this order too.  All your favorites and several new items including requested Apistogramma Ram (4 varieties), Chalceus Pinktail, colorful hand selected African Cichlids, Zig Zag Eel, Fancy Guppies, plecos, chop stick snail, other odd balls.

Marine fish include Bi color and Coral Beauty Angels, Red Starfish, Kole Tang, Powder Brown Tang, Cowry Snail, Lots of little Gobies and such including Blue Mandarin Goby.  Scarlet Red Reef Crabs and live Phytoplankton.

We're ready to sell these fish and get more next week!
See the full report
2013 10 15 Retail Price Report.pdf

  Big September Tropical and Marine Order

  It's been several weeks since our last fish order, so we've got a big order on the way.  We're hoping to move these fish out fast and maybe put in a California order soon.  Stop in and take a look at the new arrivals!

A big thanks to our sales rep who hand picked several of our premium line items!  We have a new item: Nano Bubble Anemone.  
Also,  Nice Yellow Tangs, Powder Brown Surgeon Tang, and much more on this order.  

87 total line items and over 600 fish on this order!

Reminder: We're now open every Sunday from 12-5 PM

Check out the full report:
2013 09 17 Retail Price Report
  September Dry Goods Store Restock
      Full store restock including Ehim Jager aquarium heaters.

Other order highlights include LED strip lights, more NLS fish food, substrate and more.

Check out the entire list

2013 09 11 Retail Price Report.pdf

  August 2013 Tropical And Marine Order
    We've taken our entire tropical fish list and identified the fish our customers ask for and began a better way of putting together our orders so to not miss the fish our customers like the best. Lot's of tropical fish on this order!

Also a new item- Octopus Anemone.  Stop in and check it out!

2013 08 07 Retail Price Report

  Mid July Tropical and Marine Order
      Really nice Tropical and Marine order this week.  We've ordered a lot of tropical fish on this order.  Our best colorful cichlids, Premimum Bettas, Community fish & bottom feeders too.  Live plants on this order.
Marine fish highlights: Octopus Anemone (new item on the market), Angels, Blue Mandarin Goby, Sm Hippo Tang, Cleanup crew, Red Starfish, more

See the full report

2013 07 23 Tropical and Marine Report
  July Dry Goods Order
      Special dry good order include several tanks avalilable for purchase. Also included are Seaclone 100 protein skimmers at $115.00 & several other items.

See the full report.

2013 07 18 Dry Goods Order

  June California Marine Order
    Nice California order this week.  We went through the list in search of peaceful, reef safe, hearty, colorful, reef safe fish.

Also on this order are some of our favorites that we bring in when purchasing from our California vendor.

See the full report.
2013 06 03 Marine report.pdf
May 2013 Tropical and Marine Order
Posted 05/15/2013
  Nice store restock including more than a few unusual and exciting fish.  We ordered a tiny Clown Trigger for the store. It's for sale if someone wants to purchase this fish, otherwise we plan on growing it out. We hope it does well!  Several other fish to get excited about.

We even brought in some pond fish.

Check out the order below & stop in and shop!

See the full report
 2013 05 14 Retail Price Report.pdf

April 2013 Tropical and Marine Fish Order
Posted 04/30/2013
    Tropical Fish order received 04/30/2013

See the entire order

2013 04 30 Retail Price Report.pdf
  April 2013 Dry Goods Order
Posted 04/11/2013


  Special order fulfilled. UV sterilizer for 220 gallon freshwater.  Other highlights:
3 watt (each driver) high output LED lighting systems priced nice! 
NLS Food, Specialty Cichlid Gravel.

See the full report
 2013 04 11 Dry Goods Retail Price Report
  April 2013 Tropical and Marine Fish Order
Posted 04/10/2013


Brichardi Cichlid

  April Tropical and Marine fish order.  Celebes Half Beak Albino, Colorful Cichlids, Glofish®, Fancy Guppy, Ghost Shrimp, Green Chromis, Asst Clown Goby, Blue Mandarin Goby, Pearly Jawfish, More...

See the full report
2013 04 10 Retail Price Report.pdf

March 2013 Tropical and Marine Order
Posted 03/27/2013


  Real nice Marine order this week Red and Blue Starfish, Clownfish, Bangai Cardinal, Mandarin Blue Goby, Pearly Jawfish, Trochus Snail, Kole Tang, Sand sifting Starfish.

Tropical fish include Red Terror, Red & White Parrotfish, Fancy Guppies, Synodontis, & More

See the full order
2013 03 27 Retail Price Report.pdf
  Super Special Dry Goods Order
Posted 03/20/2013


  Our first annual tank, stand, light, and other equipment bulk store purchase.  Big restock on power filters at the best price around.  New tanks, 29g, 40B, 75G.  Also, Our first jump into combo systems all with new LED lighting technology.  We hope to really make a big splash into the aquarium setups with best prices, lots of inventory, and the latest vendor offerings.  This purchase is a start & we expect these systems will sell quickly!

2013 03 21 Dry Goods Sp Order.pdf
  March Tropical and Marine Fish Order
Posted 03/20/2013



  Nice store restock order including Cleaner shrimp, Cleaner Wrasse, Royal Gramma, Bangaii Cardinal, Chromis, Damsel, Scarlet Red Reef Hermit Crabs,  Live Phytoplankton

Tropical Highlights: Premium Male Betta, Colorful African Cichlids, GloFish
®, Plecos, Synodontis, and more.
See the full report

2013 03 20 Retail Price Report
March 2013 Dry Goods Order
Posted 03/14/2013

  Additions to our new product line of New Life Spectrum® food on the list this week.  Exciting new freshwater substrate line items.  Utility pumps at a good price. Special order customer requests  - Special Orders for our customers!!!

See the entire order

2013 03 13 Retail Price Report.pdf
March Tropical and Marine Fish "Top Off" Order
Posted 03/06/2013

Powder Blue Surgeon Tang


Nice Tropical and Marine fish order due in this evening.  Although there are plenty of fish in stock, it was time for a store "top off".  Highlights -

Marine: 3 Mini-Maxi Anemone, Med Percula Clown, Diamond Goby, Pearly Jawfish, Powder Blue Surgeon Tang, & Large Yellow Tang.  

Freshwater: Yoyo Loach, Chalceus Redtail, Buttikofferi, Blood Red Parrot, Green Terror, 20 Pair of desirable Fancy Guppies, Apollo Shark.

03/05/2013 Full Retail Price Report.pdf

  Mid - February Tropical and Marine Fish Order
Posted 02/20/2013

Knight Goby (Freshwater)


73 line items on this tropical and marine fish order!  Mid February and we scoured the list searching for the best of the best.  Marine highlights include 9 clownfish including Black percula clownfish. Also included are more Coral Beauty Angelfish.  Bi-color too.  Nice restock on all the essentials.

Big Tropical fish order include a little bit of everything: Fancy Guppies, Pork Chop Rasbora, Sharks, Ghost Shrimp, & a few unusual fish for our customers.  We ordered 50 lbs of lace rock @ ~2.25 per lb
See the entire order 
2013 02 19 Retail Price Report.pdf

Dry Goods Order - Exciting New Lighting & Food Products
Posted 02/12/2013

High End Fish Food


Dry goods order in this evening with a new and special product line - New Life Spectrum® food. Saltwater Flakes w/Garic Freshwater Flakes w/Garlic, Cichlid Sinking Pellets, and Reef Micro Feeder. 
All at competitive pricing.

Other new items including the new Zoo Med T5HO 
2 and 4 bulb fixtures and complementing Zoo Med HO Bulbs.  
Nice price for high quality products!

2013 02 14 Retail Price Report.pdf

February California Marine Order
Posted 02/12/2013

New Corals


Nice California Marine order on the way.  We asked our sales rep to do some coral picking for us.  We have 1 Cultured War Coral and 1 Chili Cactus Coral on the way.  Also several other corals on order: Colony Rock Eagle Eye, Green Super, & Orange Super.  Fiji Liverock store restock

Lot's of fish, hermit crabs, mushrooms, Snails, Feather Dusters, Anemones,  and more are on their way in.  Check out the full report.

2013 02 12 Retail Price Report.pdf

Tropical And Dry Goods Orders
Posted 01/30/2013

Super Delta Betta

  This week: Several new and unusual Tetras.

Salt Water highlights include: Yellow Tangs,  Horseshoe crab, Pom Pom Crab, BiColor & Coral Beauty Angels, Lawnmower Blenny, Scarlet Reef Hermit Crabs, Sand Sifting Starfish.

Tropical Fish include: Premium Betta, Shovelnose Tiger Catfish, Alhi  and several other outstanding Cichlids, We're growing out Electric Blue Jack Dempsey, Lots of new Tetra species.

The aquarium tank & stand promotion season is here - We've sold 75 gallon tanks, premium 48" stands and new 90 Gallon reef ready tanks saving our customers $$$ - Call for our best prices on your new aquarium large or small. 
See the full reports:
2013 01 29 Tropical Fish Report.pdf
2013 01 30 Dry Goods Report.pdf

  Tropical Fish Order
Posted 01/09/2013

Copperband Butterfly

  Big tropical fish order Wednesday. Features this week include: Premium Betta fish, Hand picked, eye popping African Cichlids, Snow White Oscar, Eels, Variety of Gourami, Fancy Goldfish including telescope eye, celestial eye, & Lionhead.  Sharks, Swordtails, and Tetras.

Marine Highlights include: Zebra Hermit Crabs, Copperband Butterfly, Percula Clownfish, Blue Mandarin Goby, Austria Snails, Cultured Frags. 

See the full report:
2013 01 19 Retail Price Report. PDF
  January California Marine and Coral Order
Posted 01/02/2013

  First big Marine shipment of 2013.  We just turned our entire wish list into an order.  Didn't pull anything off the list.  Generous quantities of marine fish and we took a big leap from our vendor - We ordered a 15 pack of our vendors choice of their best corals.  Some Highlights: Six Line Wrasse, Hippo Tang, Naso Tang, Horseshoe Crab, Fire Shrimp, Coral Package, so much more...
2013 01 04 Retail Price Report.pdf

December Tropical and Marine fish Order
Posted 12/18/2012


  Tropical and Marine fish order on the way.  Clownfish, Small Hippo Tangs priced at $43.99 Purple Long tentacle Anemone, Puffer Porcupine, Yellow Tangs.  Fresh water includes African and Black Ghost Knifefish, Petricola Synodontis, Dragon Scale & Twin Lobe Betta.
See the full report.

2012 12 19 Tropical and Marine.pdf
12-12-12 Dry Goods order
Posted 12/12/2012

  Dry goods order this week with some new items and a last minute surprise add-on.  Deep Blue Series II black stand and 75 gallon tank with lids on top!  This tank combo is on special this month and may be just in time for Christmas.

See the full report (Deep Blue setup not on report yet)

2012 12 12 Dry Goods.pdf
December 2012 Tropical and Marine Fish Order
Posted 12/05/2012

  Nice fish order on the way!  Lots of tropical fish to restock the store.  Several unusual fish on the way in including: Super Delta & Twinlobe Betta, Redtail Chalceus, Leopard Ctenapoma, Headstander,  African Knife.  All African Cichlids hand picked per request- They should be outstanding...   Several nice marine picks including Blue Mandarin Goby, Saddleback Black clownfish, 3 different variety of Featherduster and more!  See the full report.

2012 12 04 Retail Sales Report.pdf

Another November Tropical and Marine Fish Order
Posted 11/28/2012

  Nice store restock on tropical fish.  Guppies, Oscar, colorful cichlids.
Also on this order: Medium Plecos, Balloon Mollies, Platys, Tetras.

Marine fish include: Percula Clown, Spotted Mandarin Goby, Live Phytoplankton.

See the full report:

2012 11 27 Retail Price Report.pdf

  Thanksgiving Week California Marine Order
Posted 11/20/2012

Long Tentacle Anemone


Really nice California marine order!  Best quality and prices that we can offer.

Lots of Anemone's Green and large.  Flame Angels, Nice Hippo Tang available.  Highlights: Several Gobies and really nice Starry Blenny.  Nice Restock. Condys, Bangai Cardinal, Bubble Coral, Purple Firefish, Hermit Crabs, & Snails
2012 11 20 Retail Price Report

  Huge Dry Goods Order
Posted 11/08/2012


Full store restock.  Frozen food including a few new items.  Heater restock. Several special order items.  If there's something you want and we don't have it, we can get it for you - Just let us know!!!

2012 11 08 Retail Price Report.pdf

  Credit Cards Now Accepted!!!
Posted 11/08/2012

  We finally took the plunge.  We are now accepting credit cards for your convenience.

Feel free to stop in, choose your favorite fish or other product and use the plastic if you wish!

We feel confident in choosing a quality merchant to provide credit card processing services and we will be able to maintain prices exactly as they are now.  We appreciate everyone's patience waiting for us to take this big step

  Tropical and Marine Fish Order 10/31/2012
Posted 10/30/2012

  Tropical and Marine fish order due in Wednesday evening.
Several feature tropical fish including: Small Parrotfish, Yoyo Loaches, Select awesome African cichlids, all varieties of Oscar fish, dwarf frog.
Marine fish highlights: Long Tentacle Anemone, Blue Mandarin, Several premium fish.  Check out the full order -
2012 10 30 Price Report.pdf

Tank Raised Angelfish Order
Posted 10/28/2012


Priced from $5.00 Ea

72 beautiful tank raised angel fish in our store today.  These Angelfish are healthy, hearty, and have nice markings.  

Received are Blacks, Black Veil & Koi.  Also received on this order are cherry shrimp and live plants.  Check out the entire order below.  Quality fish at a good price!

 2012 10 28 Angelfish order.pdf

Surprise Coral Frag Specific Order - Friday, Oct 12
Posted 10/11/2012


Click for Hi-Res Image

This could be the biggest store news so far this year.
Almost a year in the making, We finally pushed the order through. At least 38 individual coral pieces starting at $22.00 ea

See the 2012 10 12 Coral Order.PDF

October Tropical and Marine Fish Order
Posted 10/10/2012


Full tropical fish store restock on this order.  Several unusual and first time fish on this order including: Rope eel, Baby Whale, African Butterfly, New Barbs, Monkey Botia,  Celebes Half Beak, Several Nice Cichlids, Clown Goby, Flower Shrimp,

Marine Fish include: Nice Maxi-Mini Anemone,  Pearlscale Butterfly, and more.  See the full report-

2012 10 10.pdf Price Report

2012 09 25 Tropical and Marine Fish Order
Posted 09/25/2012


Nice fish order due in this evening.  Several show fish on order.  Nice Yellow Tangs at probably the the best everyday pricing around.  Copperband Butterfly, Zebra Hermit Crabs, Tropical Fish too.  

We missed our update last week, but we did a dry goods order & brought in a 75 gallon tank on sale at $110.00

2012 09 25 Tropical and Marine.pdf
2012 09 19 Dry Goods.pdf

California Marine Order
Posted 09/11/2012
Nice California Marine Order on the way

This is probably our largest Marine order since January 2012.

Lots of highlights on this order: Mushroom Package, Color Anemone, Bangaii Cardinal, Ocellaris Clown Blk & Wht, Gobys, Seahorse, Fire Shrimp, Purple Goby Firefish, Over 100 hermit crabs and snails, Yellow Tangs, Surgeon Tang, More

2012 09 12 Retail Price Report.pdf

Nice Tropical and Marine Fish Order
Posted 08/29/2012
  Nice tropical and marine fish order due in Wednesday, Aug 29.

We really spent hours sifting through our availability lists to bring in the fish we think you want to see and buy.  

We avoid the fish that don't work and play well with others!  We continue to ask for the best picks for our customers.

Here's the full report - Hope to see you soon!
2012 08 28 Retail Price Report.pdf

August Dry Goods Restock
Posted 08/17/2012
  Restocked store shelves this week.  We have plenty of salt, fish food, and everything else.  We have some new products in our freezer.

See the entire list

2012 08 16 Retail Price Report.pdf

August Fish Order - Lots of Cichlids
Posted 08/08/2012

It's only been 2 weeks since our last order, but we really wanted to get the store stocked up with fish.  We've had several requests for cichlids so we went down the list and ordered one of almost everything.  Several items we ordered multiples of. Almost 30 cichlids in all.  We ordered live plants, several unusual fish and some stuff for the marine department.  We requested our vendor pick us their best product.  We hope you'll stop in and see what we've got.  Check out the entire order below.

More News and orders in August!  We will be celebrating 3 full years at this location on August 18th.  We plan on making our 4th year here our best.  There's been a lot of work and challenges along the way, but we want to give a big thanks to our customers for helping make our aquarium shop a success!

We've sharpened our pencil and lowered our fish price on several items.

2012 08 08 Retail Price Report.pdf

July Tropical and Marine Fish Order
Posted 07/25/2012


Store restock due in this evening.  Blue Starfish, Yellow Tangs, Other marine.

Plenty of tropical fish including some feeders.  Check out the entire order - Healthy fish at affordable prices!

2012 07 25 Tropical Fish Order

May Tropical and Marine Fish Order
Posted 05/23/2012


Tropical and Marine order due in Wednesday, May 23
See the list below

As a side note, Summer store hours have begun.  Please see top of home page

2012 05 22 Tropical Fish Order.pdf

April Tropical and Marine Fish Order
Posted 04/24/2012


Tropical and Marine store restock.  Check out our price report for all the details. Unusual, cool, & hard to find fish items are noted for your convenience.

We are putting together a dry goods order for this week too...

2012 04 24 Tropical Fish order.pdf

March Tropical and Marine Fish Order
Posted 03/21/2012


Big store order due in Wednesday afternoon.  Enough fish to completly restock tropical section.  Showfish Naso Tang, Powder Brown Surgeon Tang, Yellow Tangs,  Several new items on this order

See the entire order
2012 03 20 Tropical and Marine.pdf

Big Marine and Tropical Order
Posted 02/29/2012


Customer requests and regular stock items are included including Live DT Phytoplankton Prem 5.5 oz.

Nice Store restock with several premium Marine fish available

See the entire order

2012 02 29 Tropical and Marine.pdf

Dry Goods Order
Posted 02/22/2012


Store dry goods restock expected Thursday.
Full restock including frozen food & most everything else including heaters.

Bulk tropical flake food arrived today $4.99
2012 02 23 Dry Good.pdf 

Exciting Marine & Tropical Fish Order
Posted 01/31/2012


Nice fish order with an emphasis on marine fish:
Highlights expected on this order include: Hand Picked Long Tentacle Anemone, Bangai Cardinal, Seahorse, Starfish, Blonde Naso Tang, Powder Brown Surgeon Tang, Yellow Eye Kole Tang, Yellow Tang sm @$43!!!  More...

Freshwater: Angelfish, Oscar, Bandis, 1 Small Piranha 
See the entire list:
2012 01 31 Fish Order.PDF

Tropical & Marine Fish order and Dry Goods Order
Posted 01/17/2012


Plenty of new fish due in Wednesday.  Check out the list

Nice deals on fish tanks & stands for 2012
New 75 Gallon tank $120.00
New 55 Gallon tank $90.00

2012 01 17 Fish Order.PDF

Dry Goods Order
Posted 01/12/2012


Nice store restock including several new items including a new item for feeding your corals

2012 01 11 Retail Price Report

California Marine Order
Posted 01/04/2012


First California order for almost 10 months
We're excited to start the new year right and get the stuff our customers want.
Order is due in evening of 01/05/2012
We invite our customers to stop in and take a look!
Happy New Year!
2012 01 04 Order Report

December Tropical and Marine Fish Order
Posted 12/13/2011

  Tropical and Marine fish order is due in Wednesday, Dec 14

Scheduled for delivery are red starfish, Blue Sponges, Kole Tang, and several store stock up items

See the entire order
2011 12 13 Order Report.pdf
Tropical and Marine Order This Week
Posted 11/15/2011
  Order expected in Wednesday afternoon.  

Salt Water: Several Cleaner shrimps, cleanup crew, Coral Beauty Angel.
Freshwater: Angelfish, Swordtails, Tetras, Barbs, Corys, and more

See the entire order below

2011 11 15Retail Price Report.pdf
Snapshot of Our Coral tank
Posted 11/10/2011

Take a peek inside the store Reef aquarium

Click on pic to see hi resolution image

Marine & Fresh Water fish - Dry Goods Order Too
Posted 11/02/2011

Sponge - Orange Fan on left

Nice fish order received.  Several new and unusual items for the marine department including Purple Long Tentacle Anemone.  2 of these in stock - They will go fast.  Sponges, many more items.

Also, a dry goods order is expected Nov 3 providing a nice store restock - Check out the details below
2011 11 03 Dry Goods.pdf
2011 11 02 Fish Order.pdf

Huge Fish Order This Week
Posted 10/18/2011

Long Tentacle Anemone Lg

Where are we going to put them all?  Marine Fish: Bangaii Cardinals, Red Pearlscale Butterfly, Powder Brown Surgeon Tang, Yellow Eye Kole Tang, 6 Anemone, 3 Hippo Tangs.  A lot more too.

Freshwater: Lots of Angelfish, Oscars, Catfish, Parrotfish, Knifefish, Guppies, Sharks, and more...

Check out the full report below

2011 10 18 Retail Price Report.pdf

ORA® October Price List Available
Posted 10/17/2011


Here is the October full availability list from ORA®

If you are interested in some of this product, please contact us.

Order cut-off would be Tuesday, Oct 25 if there is enough interest.

We can do an order this week - We would need the order complete Tuesday evening or maybe Wednesday evening at the latest...

 2011 10 17 Retail Price Report.pdf

October 4 Saltwater & Tropical Fish order
Posted 10/04/2011


Corals on Sunday, Saltwater & Tropical fish order on Wednesday

Cells are empty - Time to refill!

Yellow tang school, Med Yellow Tang. 1 Flame Angelfish, Another Hippo Tang.  Some Blennies & Gobies too.

 2011 10 04 Retail Price Report.PDF

Tank Raised Coral Frags in Store
Posted 10/02/2011

Big restock in Reef Tank.  SPS, LPS Palys, Candy Cane, Torch, Mushrooms, 

Should be updating the picture list shortly
See the entire order

2011 10 02 Corals Price Report

New Tropical & Marine Fish Order This Week
Posted 09/21/2011


We held nothing back this week!  Marine Highlights: Red tip Bubble Anemone,  Horseshoe crab, Blue Mandarin Goby, Blue Starfish, Shave Brush Marine Plant & Hippo Tang.

Freshwater Highlights: Black Angels, various Corys, Dragon Eel, Lots of Feeders, Fancy Goldfish, Clown Knife, Mollys, Platys, Swordtails, Figure 8 Puffer, & Alge eating shrimp. 

Check out the entire order 2011 09 20.pdf

Fall Store Flier Finished - On to New Store Projects
Posted 09/17/2011

Updated Store catalog is now finished!  There were many changes needed since the original mini-catalog only received minor updates since store opening year 2009.

Now we can concentrate on rebuilding & restarting saltwater system Clarity 3.  Also, we will be finishing up a refresh on clarity 2 with mechanical & chemical filtration.   Other store projects include filtration improvements to tropical combined systems incorporating Chemi-Pure
See the Fall 2011 Mini - Catalog 2011 09 minicatalog.pdf

Big Dry Goods Order
Posted 09/07/2011


Big Dry Goods order due in Thursday (or Friday)

Full Store restock and some new items.

Also,  We will be updating our Marine in stock list

2011 09 07 Dry Goods.PDF

August Tropical & Marine Order
Posted 08/23/2011

New Fish!
Tropical and Marine store order received 08/24/2011.
Yellow Tangs, Porcupine Puffer, frozen food.  Tropical Stock up includes: SA Redtail Catfish, Dragon Eel, Latest GloFish®, Fancy Goldfish and much more.  Feeders too.  

Check out the entire list

2011 08 23.pdf Fish Order


Tropical & Marine Fish Order this week
Posted 07/26/2011

  Store Stockup - Both Tropical and Marine Fish

Our new fish holding system (below) is up and running and doing very well.

It's time to put some fish in these systems!  We've moved  biological filters in, added natural gravel & hope to have all lighting working by Friday. 

Order Highlights:
Frozen Food, Oscars, Knife fish, Kole Tang, Fresh & Saltwater Angelfish.

2011 07 27.PDF Tropical & Marine

Tropical Fish Order - New Vendor
Posted 07/15/2011

Feeder Rosy Reds

We drove 250 miles to bring our customers the best tropical fish we can find!

It's been more than 12 months since we've carried feeder guppies - We have them now!

See complete order 2011 07 13.PDF

New Combined Tropical Fish Holding System.  27 Partitions - 300 Gallon
Posted 07/15/2011


New Combined Tropical Fish Holding System

Four Months in planning and execution,  Our new 300 gallon closed loop tropical fish holding system finally in operation.

We hope to run this system during the summer and winter months holding everything from cichlids to sharks.  Improvements to the system will follow including good lighting, filtration, and a single 500-1000 watt heater. Eventually we plan to experiment with a combination chiller/heat cycle system heater that will operate on 1/3 the power required from a conventional submersible heater.  The system currently circulates with a Supreme Mag 12 submersible pump.  Soon, the system will operate from a external Blue line pump.

This system is under study to incorporate a photovoltaic solar array power source for circulation and possibly lighting.  It is estimated that 300 watts of solar panels will power this system 24/7X365 - This payback estimate assumes  other shared components the system requires is already in place and is not included in our calculation. The goal is to achieve a 5 year payback with no tax rebates or Government incentives.  See system backside image

June ORA Availability Report
Posted 06/02/2011

This is our first month reporting the full availability list for ORA.  If you are interested in ordering a ORA product, you can review our report and check out their website for product pictures and detail.  Once we pull together enough to do a store order, we'll get it going.

The best chance for a June order will have a deadline of June 7.  Many ORA items are available from month to month so no worries!
ORA Website
2011 06 ORA.PDF

More Tank Raised Coral Frags
Posted 06/02/2011

More local tank raised corals and frags ready for Friday evening.

Nice size Hammer coral, more Candy Cane, Star Polyp, more...

2011 05 31 Retail Price Report

Tank Raised Corals & Frags
Posted 05/10/2011

Nice local tank raised coral frags priced right.  Candy Cane, Torch Coral, Blue Mushroom. 

Nice bright colors. Store opens Thursday evening.
Evening or daytime appointments available Tue - Wed - Thurs  Call  740 409-2023

More due in for this weekend!
2011 05 09 JPS.PDF

Store Hours Change
Posted 05/10/2011

New Summer Hours May 10

Call Business Cell phone if you need fish, corals, or aquarium accessories during off days.

Appointments are Appreciated

It's getting warmer outside.  The sun is shining, It's getting hot -  Store needs a little mid-week break.  Store AC system is a little outdated & very expensive to operate, sales patterns change.  Employees need a little summer time off...
We are working our business plan to better serve our most loyal customers during summer months!
Details to follow.

Marine, Tropical & Pond Fish Order
Posted 04/26/2011

Pond Fish Arrival

Nice order Wednesday night.  Marine items, Tropical fish & Pond Koi due in Wednesday evening Pics to follow.

A big Thank You! to all our customers - 
We wouldn't be here without you!

2011 04 27 Fish Order.pdf

Tropical & Marine Fish Order
Posted 04/12/2011

Scarlet Red Reef 
Hermit Crabs

Tropical, Marine Fish & Tropical plants this week.

We're beginning to open up our main tropical room for the summer.  Much of our tropical livestock will be moving out into the display tanks over the next few weeks. 

Scarlet Red Reef Crabs & other Marine items on this order too.

2011 04 12.PDF Fish Order

First ORA Farms Marine Fish Order
Posted 04/10/2011

ORA Blk Ocellaris Clown 
hosted w/Rose Anemone

Our first ORA order.  Lots of  clown fish ordered.  Black Ocellaris, Percula, & Ocellaris Clowns.
2 Derasa Clams and other items.  
Link below to full order - If you want a specific ORA item, let us know & we will order it next time

2011 04 07 ORA.PDF

Dry Goods Order

Posted 04/07/2011

It's been a big week at the fish store!  Marine order, SPS Coral, Dry Goods - 
And a Suprise on Friday

Our first ORA order is due in  Details to follow...

2011 04 06 Dry Goods.pdf

SPS Coral in Stock 04/06/2011

Posted 04/06/2011

SPS coral in stock Tank Raised

$15 - $20 ea

Yellow Scroll, Frogskin, Palasapora, Provona, Purple Digitata

Nice Marine Order from California Wednesday, April 06

Posted 04/05/2011

Big marine Wednesday

Back in stock: Sun Polyp & Frog Spawn
Nice Fish Good Price: Flame Angel $53.99
Bangai Cardinal $17.99
Lots of Corals & other fish including Damsels

2011 04 06 Marine Order.pdf

Tropical & Marine order due in 03/30/11
Posted 03/29/2011


Tropical Fish Order this week

Due in Wednesday evening

Click link to see complete order

2011 03 29 Tropical Fish Order.PDF

Dry Goods Order Due in 03/24/11
Updated Post 03/23/2011


Dry Goods order this week.
Waiting for Tropical Fish restock until next week

-Emerald Entree Frozen Food
-New Sponge Filters

2011 03 24 Dry Goods.PDF

Big Marine Order This Week
Updated Post 03/15/2011

Nice California marine order received Wednesday, March 16.  Big store restock.  Lots of everything including new corals for the show tank.

Spring is on the way and we are setting up 18 tropical tanks and will be moving the tropical fish back in the main display tanks this weekend!

2011 03 15 Marine Order.PDF

Second March Fish Order & Dry Goods Order
Updated Post 03/10/2011


Fish scheduled for delivery Wednesday evening.

See attachment for complete list

Marine due in include Copperband Butterfly.  Nice freshwater restock.

2011 03 08.PDF Fish Order
2011 03 10 Dry Goods Order
Please let us know if you are experiencing difficulties opening fish order file

Daily Marine In Stock Report
Posted 03/06/2011

We will begin reporting our Marine Fish List beginning now.

This report will be refreshed daily and provides stock availability at the end of each business day.

Marine Order March
Posted 03/01/2011

Green Singulara Leather

Last year in March we were selling Tangs, Butterfly fish, & all kinds of other Marine fish.

Well, Were planning on doing again this year.  March 1 and here comes Tangs, Butterflies and more! 
  Check out the list for new species not seen in our store before.

2011 03 01.PDF Marine Order

Tropical,  Marine & Dry Goods Orders 02-22 & 02-23
Posted 02/23/2011


Nice Tropical fish order this week.  Med & Large Asst. Angel fish due in. Oscar & Cichlid refresh - Marine - Fiji live rock $5.99 per lb 50 lbs on order

Store restock on all dry goods.  Some new items due in.  Store shelf will be reorganized to better display new products.
2011 02 22.pdf Tropical
2011 02 23.pdf Dry Goods

Dry Good Order 02/17/2011
Posted 02/16/2011


Nice Dry goods order this week including several new tropical & marine items including Lab grade carbon, essential marine supplements, Chemi-pure for the store shelf and much more.
Next week it the last week for the mega-sale for aquariums  & Stands

2011 02 18 Dry Goods.pdf

Tropical & Dry Good Orders 02/08/2011
Posted 02/08/2011

Tropical fish order due in Wednesday evening Exciting new cichlids on this order. 

Dry Goods order placed today including ramp-up of new inventory items including Chemi-Pure.  Big marine projects underway in Feb. Details to follow...
2011 02 09 Tropical Order.pdf
2011 02 10 Dry Goods.pdf

Tropical & Dry Good Order 01/27/2011
Posted 01/25/2011

Nice Tropical fish order due in Wednesday afternoon.  Restock on the essentials. Some unusual items including Hi Fin Banded Shark, Black African Knife fish.

Dry Goods order -Store restock Kent Seasalt
Tropical Fish Order.pdf

Dry Goods Order.pdf

Big Salt Water & Dry Goods Order  01/19/2011
Posted 01/18/2011

Largest Marine order in a long while.  Really nice coral system restock - Biggest Ever! Clam, Mini-Maxi Anemone, LPS, Mushroom Packages, New corals, Cardinals fish @$17.99

15 Scarlet Reef Hermit Crabs due in soon. Check website for updates.

Another dry goods restock - Tanks & Stands still on sale.
2011 01 19 MARINE FISH.PDF
2011 01 19 DRY GOODS.PDF

Dry Goods Order  01/13/2011
Posted 01/11/2011

Dry Goods order due in Thursday evening. Store restock on the essentials.  Tropical and Marine fish food including Green Seaweed Select.  Checkout the price we're selling a new 75 G Reef Ready tank & stand for!
Tanks & Stands are on sale this month and we're passing the savings on!!!

2010 01 11.PDF Price Report

Tropical & Marine Order  01/05/2011
Posted 01/05/2011

Happy New Year!

First 2011 order placed and due in Wednesday evening.

Spoke with sales rep and they will be tagging Orange Fan Sponge for our next order.

2010 01 04.PDF Price Report

California Marine Order due in 12/29/2010
Posted 12/28/2010

It's what we've all been waiting for-
Nice store stock up - From 15 green Chromis to Blue Starfish, Bubble Coral, Dwarf Angels, Blue Tangs, Conch Snails and so much more!
Order is due in Wednesday afternoon.

Click Link below to see the order.

We will be open until at least 10:00PM New Years Eve and 11-7PM Saturday.
2010 12 28 Order.PDF  (Works with IE)

Tropical & Marine order Tuesday, December 21  2010
Posted 12/21/2010

Tropical Restock arrived Tuesday afternoon.  Included with this order are several marine items including clownfish.

Tropical fish moved into core of building due to frigid weather. Several acrylic tanks added to the tropical mix that are new to the store.
New systems performing well. 
Happy, Healthy fish!   Work continues...
2010 12 20 PDF (Works with IE)

Tropical Fish order Tuesday, November 23  2010
Posted 11/22/2010

Large Tropical order due in.  We recently performed a makeover to our tropical room- larger tanks, more tanks, and acrylic tanks closed loop. We used the same established filters and water.  

We are ready for the winter season! 
2010 11 22 PDF  (Works with IE)

New Live Rock Closed Loop System & Macro algae
Posted 11/22/2010

Our new Live rock holding system is now up and running.  All store live rock is now contained in two connected 30B tanks. 

One tank holds new arrival live rock and another which contains cultured live rock.  
Also connected is a macro-algae holding system.   

$5.99 Per LB for Fiji Live Rock
$6.99 Per LB for Live Rock W/Coraline Algae

Macro-Algae for your  refugium

Marine order due in Thursday, November 4  2010
Posted 11/02/2010


Marine order due in Thursday

PDF document available late Tuesday evening

Several items pre-sold - Nice corals on this order.  Other nice items too.

2010 11 02 PDF (Works with IE)

Tropical Fish, Formula One Frozen & Marine
Posted 10/19/2010


Tropical Fish Order due in 
Wednesday afternoon

Formula One Frozen products 
added to our store offerings

Select marine fish expected with this order
2010 10 18 Order PDF (Works with IE)

Marine Order 10/14/2010
Posted 10/12/2010

Several new items on this week's order

Hurry in - Some of these items will go Thursday evening.

Click link below for full order report
2010 10 14 order PDF (Works with IE)

Marine Order from California!
Posted 09/04/2010

Our first marine order from our primary marine vendor in months.

Nice store restock with several premium and hard to find fish
Click link below for full order report
2010 09 01 order(PDF)

Latest Store News
Posted 07/10/2010

Clarity Marine Systems 07/2010

07/07/2010 Marine Fish Order in now
07/10/2010 Tropical Fish Order in now
Feeders back in stock
 Well Stocked Tropical & Marine Livestock
07/10/2010 Well Stocked Dry Goods 
Next dry goods order 07/15/2010

Feeders back in Stock
Posted 07/10/2010

Our first order from a new vendor came in this week.
We now have feeder fish back in stock.  Also, We ordered a nice restock on our Tropical & Marine fish.

We now have access to some new livestock offerings not previously available.  We are happy to report their quality and prices are in line with our other distributors.  We look forward to purchasing all our tropical fish, feeders and select marine fish from our new source.

Pictures To Follow
Posted 07/10/2010

Winter/Spring 2010

Much has happened in early 2010 - 
All Clarity marine systems in operation
Marine lighting in operation
Dry goods inventory buildup
Many satisfied customers
Thanks to everyone for a great first year!

  Another Big Marine Order
Posted Dec 29, 2009

Latest Marine fish order acclimating in 3 clarity systems at the J P Success, Inc aquarium store in Lancaster, OH.

36 line items.  Nice order that includes several premium marine fish all priced affordably.  Marine fish list updated

  1st Marine Fish Order
     Posted Dec 12, 2009  

25 Line Items Received
Over 500 Salt water live creatures
Order Includes:
Red Leg Hermit Crabs
Angels: Bi-Color, Eiblis
Tang: Surgeon Powder Brown
Clown, Chromis, Damsel, Gobie, Gramma
Several Varieties of Snail - Much More!

  Marine System Assembly Begins
    Posted Oct 30, 2009

Pictured systems are 50" wide ea

Marine fish holding systems are being assembled.

Plumbing and water flow testing is to be conducted during the beginning of November.
  First Full Month of Operations
   Sept 30, 2009

Tri-Magnum at J P Success 
Labor Day 2009
September was our first full month of sales at our new Lancaster location.  Many of our customers from our old stores have heard about the new store.
  Aquarium Store Opens
   August 18, 2009

Tropical Fish show tanks
J P Success, Inc. opens their aquarium shop at its new location, 222 S. Memorial Dr.

Previous locations include 423 N. Columbus St. Lancaster and the  E. Columbus St. Pleasantville


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