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Solar 00 Power center 12 Volt


Solar 00 was the first 10 watt panel that's seen several installations. It's been roof mounted twice, provided the initial thrill of a solar panel large enough to generate usable energy.  
This setup is due to be put on display at our Lancaster store and is quite capable of running both DC and AC loads as well as charging cell phones etc.

Solar 01 Undergoing testing 12 Volt

40 Watt @ 12 Volts

Installed system Late afternoon winter months

Solar 01 consists of 4 - 10 watt panels and produces enough energy to operate a facility that is visited on a part time basis with all the energy required.  Requirements include interior lighting, cordless power tool charging, powering small air compressor, and radio operation.  Recent upgrades include a 2KW sine wave inverter capable of powering large loads such as salamander kerosene heater, pellet stove, and more.



Solar 02 supplies garage power for T8 bay lighting,  recharging electric chain saws @ 400 watts, pellet stove power, LED outdoor flood lighting and 120 volt power hand tools.  

Configuration includes 2 used group 24 AGM batteries wired in parallel to supply energy for hours day or evening.
Powered by 2K sine wave inverter, this system will power a 120 volt 12 Amp load.


Solar 02 100 Watt Garage

2014 Solar Work


Solar 03 Home Power 400 Watt 48 Volt

Snow removal

System upgrade to 800 watts Spring 2014


Solar 03 received 48 volt upgrade early 2014 sporting 400 watts of solar power.  System produces 2 KWH per day and produces output even on cloudy days.  
This system will be boosted to 2.4KW during 2014



Solar 04 24 Volt 120 Watt Low Profile


Latest system.  Early testing underway.  Providing room lighting, Pellet stove power, commercial power.  Future plans include 320 watt upgrade.  
Next upgrade will be 48 Volt @ 1000 Watt and eventually 5 KW engineered installation.








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